Superior Self With KJ Landis / What Not to Do at the Gym
May 20

Superior Self With KJ Landis / What Not to Do at the Gym

Recently I was asked about things that gross me out at the gym. What etiquette is necessary? So I thought about things never to do while at the gym.

I am a certified personal trainer, Wellness Coach, and Pilates instructor. I take Bikram Hot Yoga almost daily, and sometimes twice a day. That's a lot of time observing others' habits (and my own).

-body odor: if one doesn’t wear antiperspirant because of the aluminum and other chemicals, please use natural alternatives like tea tree oil wipes and salt sticks. They help with the odor in a natural manner. The same thing goes with foot odor. Wash down your feet or put perfume on them before taking off your shoes and socks for a mat class. Funky feet next to my head after a long day at work just drives me crazy.

-putting a yoga mat directly in front of others: when I teach Pilates, I am annoyed by people who place their mats directly in front of others because the person who got there first cannot see their own form and technique in the mirror.

-sweat puddles: if you create sweat and it stays on the equipment or any surface, be a buddy and wipe your sweat up thoroughly.

I hope this helps you, dear readers.
KJ Landis

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