Superior Self with KJ Landis / Self Esteem or Self Confidence?
January 07

Superior Self with KJ Landis / Self Esteem or Self Confidence?

Self esteem versus self confidence: During my life and wellness coaching I have seen a difference between the two phrases.

I think that self esteem is more of our foundation, how we are centered and at peace with the world. If we don’t have a good self esteem we can create the foundation by slowly gaining self confidence through our thoughts, words, and actions. So the self confidence comes with time and our small successes in any goal we have set for ourselves. Then the repetitive successes create self esteem. Self esteem is something we have innately inside of us. It is a deep knowing that we are unique, and worthy of life’s blessings and abundance, wherever and whenever they may fall upon us. 

Self confidence is self esteem in action, through our thoughts and deeds towards the outside world. We can do activities which grow our self confidence. This may lead to a self esteem which is higher and stronger over time. Actions and choices which water and grow our self confidence in turn feed our foundation, our self esteem. It is like support for a home to be stronger on the foundation. 

I hope this makes sense to you! What do you think the differences are between the two phrases? I want to hear from you!

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