Superior Self with KJ Landis / Procrastinating Kids
March 06

Superior Self with KJ Landis / Procrastinating Kids

Moms and dads know a thing or two about procrastinating kids. We used to be kids too! I'm a momma of 2, Sage is my girl, age 14 and Golden is my boy, age 18. 

When they were little we would put music on for teeth brushing and getting dressed. It would be a mixed cd, so like musical chairs style, about 2 minutes of their favorite pop/hip hop/r and b/or kids fairy tale music. We would always have them choose their clothes the evening before and lay them out flat on the floor so they would be a willing participant all the way through the process. I found this stepped up the pace too. 

Now that they are older and change clothes three times a day to look cool for their friends, constantly check themselves out in the mirror, etc., the challenge to get moving is sometimes harder for my husband and me. We have somewhat fixed this by having them responsible for choosing their own veggies and fruits for their morning smoothie. Golden and Sage are also responsible for packing up the pre-made salad, sides and water bottle for lunch. This tactic gets them out of the bedroom and bathroom faster. Also, we have a points chart on the wall. If they do activities above and beyond their normal duties of being a kid in a family, they receive points worth money. If they help each other get ready faster (without being asked by a parent), help me do the dishes without me asking, help make beds, throw in a load of laundry in the morning, all without being asked, they are going above and beyond. They are focused, on time, and deserve to be acknowledged. This motivates them to not procrastinate as well. Finally, my son Golden just passed his driver's license exam. If he wants to drive to school and help me with errands and use the car, he has to earn the privilege. There's a dangling carrot there every morning!

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