Superior Self with KJ Landis / Money Habits and Health Habits
December 31

Superior Self with KJ Landis / Money Habits and Health Habits

Today we will look at our health habits and financial habits, and learn some tips for success in both areas. Life is a series of choices. We must live moment to moment, based upon the choices we make. When we make choices for our optimum health, it is like a savings account for our future health care costs. It is a bank account for our future happiness.

In health and wellness, we often ask our clients to write down everything they eat for a week and how they feel when they eat those things. A food diary is a great assessment and beginning point for a wellness coach to see what is going on in a client’s daily eating style. I also encourage my life coaching clients to write down in a small diary or notebook their spending activities for a week. Looking at exactly what we spend our money on, 24/7 for a week allows us to see the bigger picture, what our triggers are, and then we can create a plan of action. Observing without judgement the choices we make is an awakening of sorts. Do you see the relationship in the process of observing the habit in both money and food choices? This also relates to our movement choices, who we choose to spend time with, etc. We will enhance our whole lives if we go deeper into the magnification of the little things from time to time.

Like in food swaps, we can swap out unhealthy spending choices for healthier ones. Rather than spend $8 plus tax for a veggie and fruit smoothie at a retail outlet, we can spend pennies on a smoothie we make in 45 seconds at home. Plus, we see exactly the ingredients we put into it. Like choosing to host a party instead of meet up at a restaurant with friends, we save money and everyone can let their hair down at a home rather than in public. Add in a pot luck element, and everyone receives home made and delicious food made with love, plus the cost for the host is even less that way. Spending time on “fun” doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. We can use our arms and legs and get out in nature to hike or walk. Do this with a friend and we have quality time that is meaningful and free. The bonus is that we get exercise too!

I hope these connections between wellness choices and money choices make sense to you, dear readers. I want to hear from you!

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