Superior Self with KJ Landis /  I am Breaking Up With Coffee
July 08

Superior Self with KJ Landis / I am Breaking Up With Coffee

Most of you know that coffee and I have been really close friends for as long as I can remember, even as a child. I have lots of happy memories of my Russian and Moldovian grandparents making us 20 grandchildren big cereal bowls filled with coffee, milk, and sugar when we had sleepovers. I love the flavor, the aroma, the varietals, the process of growing and making coffee, and even the world history in commerce throughout the ages intrigues me. My first or second retail job as a teenager was at a coffee roaster and cheese store in Pittsburgh, PA. Later on in my twenties I worked at another coffee importer and roaster in Los Angeles. I used to say to my children when they were in elementary school, "I love you more than coffee," as a phrase of endearment. 

Flash forward to the summer of 2018. I participated in a 12 day silent meditation retreat. They only had instant coffee in the cafeteria. It was a silent retreat so I couldn't complain, to anyone, even myself! Gross. So I switched to a chai style decaf tea and black tea mixed together. I added milk and sometimes a little honey. After 12 days of this I didn't miss my cup of morning coffee. After the retreat until now I would have coffee from time to time with whipped cream before work with extra shots of espresso added in for deep flavor. It wasn't a deep passionate love like before the retreat. My attachment softened a bit.

Two weeks ago I taught and took 2 exercise classes for three days straight in a hot yoga studio before going to my serving shift at the restaurant where I work in the evenings. I was wiped out, and went for my cup of java. After two sips, I was turned off! My stomach felt weird, and a little ache began at the back of my neck. Could it be? I tested the waters further and sipped some coffee at work. The same reaction from my body occurred. I rejected coffee physiologically! Okay, so I guess I am done with coffee for now. Our lifelong affair has come to an end...or a break...I don't know. As life on earth for me lengthens and evolves, my cells change every seven days, my thoughts and ideas are continually being challenged, changed, upgraded, or dissolved. So, why not break up with coffee if it doesn't make me feel good anymore?

What have you given up(food or beverage) in a natural and easy manner over the years, and why? Please share!

KJ Landis
Nutrition Educator and Author

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