Superior Self with KJ Landis /  How to Burn More Calories All Day
September 03

Superior Self with KJ Landis / How to Burn More Calories All Day

All of us know that we cannot work out all day long. Abs aren't made in the gym anyway. They are made in the kitchen. So how do we keep active to burn more calories all day? Raise the resting rate of calorie burn by building muscle.

We are burning calories even when we are laying down and watching tv. This resting rate of energy usage is called the basal metabolic rate. If we want to burn more calories at the resting level we have to lift some sort of weight, even if it is our own body weight. That means carrying our own laundry and groceries as a way to lift weight. Taking the stairs and hiking up steep hills or streets with steep stairs are using our own body and the resistance up hill as weight lifting. Doing a plank pose as long as one can multiple times a day is weight training. These simple activities increase our calorie burn 24/7.

Try standing and walking around the room when on the phone instead of sitting down and talking. Use a standing desk or a treadmill desk at work if you have a sedentary job. Walk for the  lunch hour and eat later at your desk. These are simple tools to burn more calories all day long.

I hope this helps you on your health and wellness quest.
KJ Landis 




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