Superior Self with KJ Landis / Five Minutes to a Healthier You!
December 11

Superior Self with KJ Landis / Five Minutes to a Healthier You!

Today we are going to discuss how to be a little healthier in just five minutes a day. I keep reminding myself and others that we do not have to be perfect all of the time! A step forward in our health journey is a step towards our success. It is a tiny step towards YES. It says yes to me.

We all have down time when waiting in lines, getting to work early, waiting for the kids at an activity they have, or at an appointment. I usually use this time to put my earbuds on and meditate to one of the many meditation apps that are free on most devices. We can de-stress and recharge in a few minutes. It really works. 

Another thing we can do for our health in a few minutes is jumping jacks! Remember when we were kids and they were part of gym class? It revs up the heart rate, burns calories, and jumping actually gives us energy. It’s fun and reminds us of the playfulness of our youth. Plus, it’s free.

My go-to for my gut health is to take a shot of raw apple cider vinegar a day. The probiotics in fermented foods are good for the digestive absorption of nutrients and build immunity by planting the probiotics in the intestines. I mix it with a little honey and water and shoot it like a whiskey shot at a frat party! I suggest eating a variety of fermented foods for the garden of eatin’ inside the colon.

I hope this helps you, dear readers.
KJ Landis 








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