Superior Self with KJ Landis / Fitness for Introverts
February 06

Superior Self with KJ Landis / Fitness for Introverts

Not everyone is an outgoing individual. That's what makes life's experiences so varied and juicy, our different personalities and choices. This week I wanted to answer the question someone sent me about how to cultivate motivation in someone who is shy. Maybe you are shy and are reading this right now. Here are some fitness tips for introverts.

As a fitness coach and wellness coach, I meet all sorts of folks in all sorts of places. Being a really good listener is key in figuring out what will motivate folks on their terms. All walks of life are welcome in my wellness practice.

I think if someone is shy or awkward in group classes, suggesting a one on one personal training experience in their home or in nature may help make them feel comfortable. Then it is repetitive encouragement that must follow. Kind words of encouragement to keep up the exercise the trainer and client have started is key. It may not even need be in person over and over again. A phone call or text might be just the thing to get the introvert moving on a regular basis. 

Even though I am a people person, I prefer to exercise by myself most days. I put on my earbuds and go out for a walk in nature or ride the exercise bike with an attitude of “leave me alone.” Even when I go to hot yoga classes, I pick a corner so there are less people surrounding me. This gives me the little bit of peace I need to be myself by myself for a little while. Remember the key is to keep moving your whole life and trying new exercises may develop that keen curiosity that instills motivation for everyone, even the introvert!

I hope this helps you in your movement journey.
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