Superior Self With KJ Landis / De-Stress at Work
June 03

Superior Self With KJ Landis / De-Stress at Work

This blog will share my philosophy about de-stressing while at work. It is pretty important that we keep our internal chaos at a minimum when trying to be productive at work. Whether digging ditches, waitressing, seeking the cure for cancer, or in an office setting, we all accumulate stress. Sometimes it is the work itself that causes stress. Sometimes it is why is going on in our personal lives that find their way into our work day. We cannot compartmentlize every part of ourselves. We are a sum total of all of the facets we own. That’s why we sparkle so much.

In the workplace, folks are busy; other folks my be watching you, and it may be odd or inconvenient to take a walk, meditate, or take a time out. However, nobody who is observing ever feels it is odd or inappropriate to go to the restroom.

So, I suggest excusing oneself and go into a stall. Close one’s eyes and count forwards and backwards silently from one to ten, very slowly. See the numbers float by like taffy or caramel. Take a few rounds of this to slow everything down and rejuvenate. It is like a vacation from the rest of the day, even for a minute or two!

Another option for de-stressing is to have a cotton ball in a drawer or in a purse with lavender essential oil on the surface. I put mine in a small ziplock bag and pull it out to remind me that the moment will pass and that everything will get better. I visualize the field of flowers the essential oil came from. Use an essential oil that calms you down or provides a warm and happy memory.

I hope this helps you, dear readers.
KJ Landis
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