Superior Self/ Turn Around and Flourish
June 24

Superior Self/ Turn Around and Flourish

Nothing feels as good as the blessings of happiness and health. What better way to share the tips and tools for self healing as women and men shift into happiness than with my latest book, HAPPY, HEALTHY YOU? Mango Publishing published my fourth book about how to reduce stress and anxiety, what foods support hormones and aging, and actual tools for connecting with others in a real and honest way. 

This is a total wellness toolkit with real stories of folks who have suffered extreme trauma and those dealing with every day drama and how they not just coped, but thrived. This is available in eBook format on every type of device. It’s perfect for gift giving or for oneself, with instant, helpful impact on a loved one’s life. 

I hope you will include my latest tome in your personal library. It is available wherever books are sold and in every format, including audio versions.

I was pushed by my husband to write this book after my own healing from childhood trauma and also a large weight loss twice in my life, once in childhood and once in my late 40s. Our choices are linked directly to our current and past experiences. As I grew and changed, my learning and research into ancient ways and modern ways blended well for overall health and happiness. My husband said I had an obligation to share the truth of what I had learned. Maybe it would help others. So, here is my turnaround and gift to you to keep growing and blooming despite your less than stellar experiences.

I currently teach nutrition and stress relief workshops in the San Francisco area. I teach Pilates and Pop Pilates in the mornings and I wait tables at night. I also help others in their life and wellness goals with my coaching one on one. I write a blog and put out a short video once a week, and send out newsletters weekly. 
To your health!
KJ Landis 
Author and Creator of the Superior Self seriesLink to my new book: Order now.