Superior Self/ The Unhealthiest Things in the World (In my opinion)
March 08

Superior Self/ The Unhealthiest Things in the World (In my opinion)

Recently I was asked to share my thoughts on what are the most unhealthy things on the planet. My answers could come from any area of what we are in contact with regularly.

From my years of coaching and research, I find donuts and French fries to be the unhealthiest foods. They combine sugar, unhealthy fat, and trans fats in order to be irresistible! Then the body wants more and more of these. They cause the body to react with a glucose spike of energy in the blood and then crashes.

For the household items, I would say bleach and ammonia. They are poisonous if swallowed (by a small child especially) and create strong aromas that are irritating to the skin and nostrils. Try using white vinegar for the cleaning instead. There are plenty of natural non-caustic cleaners on the market these days.

Finally, for the planet’s health, I say plastics are the unhealthiest thing on earth. Not only do they pollute the waters and land, they decompose and emit plant estrogens into the environment. This acts like human estrogen and can put our endocrine system out of whack. Plastics are being swallowed by sea life, killing lots of creatures as well.

I hope this has helped you, dear readers.
KJ Landis


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