Superior Self/ Single Parenting Transitions
October 17

Superior Self/ Single Parenting Transitions

Any transition surrounded by drama or trauma makes the stress hormones increase. The emotions seem to fly off and one may not be able to control the laughing, crying, or anger, sadness, and anxiety that change may bring. Being responsible for children as a newly single parent can be especially trying on one's physical and emotional well being. Not only does one have to be single again, but also to adjust to the new and different needs that the kids may encounter as well.

Overwhelmed? Can't breathe? Are you suffering from a panic attack at times or just can't get out of bed? The first thing to do is slow down the breathing on purpose. Counting as one exhales to create the breathing twice as long on the exhale as on the inhale can be especially helpful. This physiological purposeful focus can help one calm down and find a bit of relief.

If one cannot bring themselves to be joyful and positive regularly, seek out friends and family to do activities together that bring joy to the suddenly single mom or dad. This gives the power of observation to the family and friends who are helping their loved one through a hard time. Listening to the newly single parent is really important. All of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions are real. Time may seem out of place. Regular tasks may seem daunting. Just having a support system  is paramount to healing. 

Seeing a medical professional is also an option. Getting out of one’s own way allows others to take the reigns in actionable steps that are helpful for the life changes surrounding a suddenly single parent.