Superior Self/  Seriously, Are You Taking Yourself So Seriously?
November 21

Superior Self/ Seriously, Are You Taking Yourself So Seriously?

Are you taking yourself unnecessarily too seriously when losing weight? We all have desires, goals, wishes, and dreams. We work tirelessly and sometimes get tired on the way towards meeting our goals. It is natural to feel this way. When we are on our path we need eagle vision, but we must not block out all of life's simple joys and gains while working towards the goal, whether in diet, exercise, education, career, or relationship goals.

During the journey of lifestyle changes for the better that include losing weight and fat, we should go seek out comedy as much as possible. Go to the movies, go to a comedy club, watch old, favorite tv shows with comedy in them, and remember to tickle your kids! Laughing is so good for satisfying the body and brain on so many levels. The happy hormones are released, the circulation improves, the mood improves, and along with the laughter comes better choice making surrounding life's goals. I also know that laughing is a great abdominal workout. Laughing reduces blood pressure and anxiety. There’s even a whole movement around the world called laughter yoga that has been around since the 1980s.

I hope this helps you, dear readers.
KJ Landis
-Author and Creator of the Superior Self series 
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