Superior Self/ Musing Monday: This Week's Blog, Video, and Events
December 05

Superior Self/ Musing Monday: This Week's Blog, Video, and Events

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Happy Monday! As you move like a jaguar through the holiday season the stress and anxiety is palpable. I have developed a 2 minute meditation that you can do anywhere. Try this before exiting your car at the shopping center: Inhale and exhale normally while closing your eyes. Visualize the digits 1-10 floating slowly in front of you in chronological order, large, as if you wer in Kindergarten or First Grade. When you get to 10, go to 9, 8, etc. Do this cycle 2 times and stop at one. Stretch out the didigts so they are like hearing taffy at a candy store. The whole thing takes only two minutes, and is a vacation from the rest of your life! It works.

If you like the benefits from this, then please look at my latest writing tome, HAPPY HEALTHY YOU. It makes a gift that keeps on giving to yourself or loved ones this year. The book is 33% off for the holidays!
My latest health book is available for purchase anywhere books are sold and in every format. Please visit your favorite book store, library, or on-line retailer and pick up HAPPY HEALTHY YOU for a perfect holiday gift. 
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This week my YouTube video is about getting comfortable with the discomfort of transition. During the new year we need to shift into goal setting and part of that is a peeling off of the old ways. "This time it will be different." Then the real work begins and transition is uncomfortable. I'm here to help. Click here to view the video.

This week my blog for you is about an injection that doesn't hurt. It is a daily injectin of something positive. How do we do this? Read more here.

The Generosity campaign needs more donors! If you would like to learn  more help support my free wellness workshops, 
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I want to hear from you. Please share my work by liking and posting links on your social media pages and bringing my messages to family and friends! My workshops are open to all! 

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