Superior Self / Juice Cleanse or Whole Body Cleanse?
September 25

Superior Self / Juice Cleanse or Whole Body Cleanse?

The point of a juice cleanse is to give the digestion a rest. The point of a body cleanse is to clean out the intestines. I have done both and none involve starving! You need energy to take care of your life.

If you have a juicer, take any vegetables that are green and juice them. Add lemon and ginger and an apple to sweeten it up a bit. Add weird vegetables that you think wouldn't normally be juiced. I juice kale, cabbage, basil, cilantro, parsley, broccoli, cucumber, lettuce, arugula, spinach, etc. If you prefer a little sweetness, add frozen berries, kiwi, an orange, pear, etc. Make at least two quarts. If you are hungry, drink the juice. If you are thirsty, drink the juice. Wter, tea, coffee, etc are ok too. I do this a few times a year for seven days. If you don't have a juicer, you can use the blender. It will have a lot of fiber in the blended beverage and will turn into a body intestinal cleanse as well.

The other body cleanse I use is a cheap aloe Vera and cactus vitamin that I get from Walgreens. You can get it from the web too. It's called Tadin company: sabila con nopal. I take two capsules three times a day with water. This just makes me use the restroom three to five times a day but without the diarrhea that laxatives provide. You don't have to change your diet with these. It's about $6.99 a bottle. Finish the whole bottle. I do know that Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid sell plain Aloe Vera Juice by the gallon in the laxative aisle. It's about $12.99.  I add eight ounces a day to my gallon of herbal tea and lemons in order to stay regular every day . It has a lot of skin enhancing properties as well.

Tell me your cleansing goals and I can direct you further. In October, I am going on a veggie juice cleanse from 1-7, then followed by clean eating from 8-31. That means no products made from grains or sugar. I tend to stay away from them anyway but sugar and grain products are inflammatory in the human body. Most folks are sensitive or allergic but aren't aware of it. 
How else can I help? 
KJ Landis








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