Spellbinding Kisses – A Ritual for Romance
November 14

Spellbinding Kisses – A Ritual for Romance

A remarkable kiss is a gateway to ecstasy. A kiss provokes the senses, excites the heart, and offers the singular gift of yourself. Here is a list of kisses from the Indian book of love, the Kama Sutra:

Bent kiss – the classic movie-style smooch where the lovers lean into each other.

Throbbing kiss – touches your lover’s lips with her tongue and places her hands on her lover’s hands.

Turned kiss – One kisser turns up the face of the beloved by holding the head and chin before bestowing affection.

Pressed kiss – One lover from below touches the lower lip with both lips.

Greatly pressed kiss – taking the lip between two fingers, touching the lip with the tongue, then applying great pressure with lips upon lips in an emphatic kiss.