South Florida / Coyote vs. Lionfish
August 14

South Florida / Coyote vs. Lionfish

YouTube hit Coyote Peterson, star of the “Brave Wilderness” animal adventure shows, will share stories at Fort Lauderdale’s Parker Playhouse Sept. 23 on a tour that returns him to the area where he recently spiked himself with a lionfish on camera just to see what would happen. It was not pretty.

Tickets for the show cost $35 at and and by calling 954-462-0222. Tickets also may be purchased at the Parker Playhouse box office, 707 NE Eighth St, noon- 5 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday. A VIP meet-and-greet package costs $75.

The tour is part of a promotional effort for Peterson’s first book, “Brave Adventures: Wild Animals in a Wild World!,” set for release Sept. 19 by Coral Gables-based Mango Publishing.

Peterson has carved out a niche in the crowded animal-adventure field with videos of himself engaging a variety of the globe’s creatures, with many of the most popular episodes showing him getting chomped and stung by a parade of the most sharp-toothed and venomous. These videos come with warnings about what not to do in such an encounter, along with the recommended treatment regimen that may come in handy in the event you did what he told you not to do.

Peterson’s co-stars have included snakes, a beard of bees, a scorpion, gila monster, black widow spider, tarantula hawk and the lionfish. In Peterson’s lionfish video, shot off Islamorada this spring, Peterson pressed the back of his hand into the quills of the invasive predator and then gave his cameraman a play-by-play on what he was feeling. By the time they stopped shooting, Peterson was barely able to stand. The video has nearly 11 million views.

New “Brave Wilderness” videos are posted at 7 a.m. each Wednesday and Friday on his Brave Wilderness channel on YouTube.