Shift Your Energy With Gemstone Elixirs
August 12

Shift Your Energy With Gemstone Elixirs

Get powerful energy from Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of Moon Spell Magic For Love, and her healing elixir!


Elixirs are very simple potions made by placing a crystal or gemstone in a glass of water for at least seven hours. Remove the stone and drink the crystallized water. The water will now carry the vibrational energy of the stone, the very essence of the crystal.

 Place into a glass of water:



rough ruby     

red coral           

red jade         


red sardonyx       



red calcite

 Mix and match and remember, if you only have access to a rough ruby and a tiny chunk of jasper, so be it—that is still a lot of love in a jar!

 Place the elixir in the love corner of your room or on your altar. Light amber incense and a red candle and speak aloud:

            This jade is my joy, the garnet of my grace.

Leave the water on your altar for seven hours or overnight and drink it upon awakening. Your life energy will quicken and you should feel very upbeat and good to go.


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