Sexology Podcast / Why isn’t S/He Doing What I Want?
October 30

Sexology Podcast / Why isn’t S/He Doing What I Want?

Welcome to episode 147 of the Sexology Podcast! Today I’m delighted to welcome CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke to the podcast. In this episode they speak to me about the misconceptions people have around having good relationships, not over compromising in a relationship and finding your voice to communicate what you really want to your partner.


CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke are the co-founders of Thrive Inc. They’ve spent 20 years helping men, women, couples, and teams to resolve difficult conflicts and create strong, thriving relationships. They’ve written two books: The Beauty of Conflict and The Beauty of Conflict for Couples.


They’ve given presentations on conflict resolution, communication, teamwork, and creative problem solving at Fortune 100 companies like Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, AT&T and Nationwide, as well as, at organizations like the Gates Foundation, University of Washington Medical Center, and San Francisco Giants and many others.


They also run transformational retreats for couples several times a year, including Couples Mojo and Couples Alive.


In This Episode You Will Hear: 


  • The misconceptions people have around having good relationships
  • Learning to not over compromise in a relationship
  • How the blame game comes into effect when you’re changing too much of yourself for a relationship
  • The art of communicating this issue with your partner
  • How having a good relationship doesn’t always mean you’re having good sex
  • Strategies to help keep your partner excited
  • Unconventional ways people can feel closer to their partner
  • Being stuck having left over sex
  • Learning to say how what you really want
  • Recommendations to properly understand what your partner is communicating to you


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