Seth Godin's Blog / Book Recommendations - Present, Future and Past
June 17

Seth Godin's Blog / Book Recommendations - Present, Future and Past

Jerry Colonna, the quiet coach of so many successful leaders, has his first book out, publishing tomorrow. It’s raw, personal and life-altering. It’s called Reboot.

Lewis Hyde, author of the seminal The Gift, only writes a book a decade. The new one is due soon, I’ll be adding it to my stack on pub day. It’s called Forgetting.

Marie Forleo, who speaks clearly and with kindness, has her new book coming out in September. Everything is Figureoutable.

Paul McGowan, entrepreneurial wizard and quite a ruckus maker, has turned his autobiography into a bestseller. It’s called 99% True. A great title, and a rollicking ride.

The inimitable Scott Miller has written his first leadership book, via FranklinCovey: Management Mess.

Chris Guillebeau generous as always, shares 100 Side Hustles.

Charlie Gillkey has an important new book out in September: Start Finishing.

Coming soon, a modern-day classic on naming by Louise Karch: Word Glue.

Scott Perry on our journey: Endeavor.

Magician and speaker Brian Miller helps us think differently about human engagement in Three New People.

Chase Jarvis launches Creative Calling in September. Sure to be a keeper.

And just last week, we re-sold the rights to my book Linchpin in Korea, and I was reminded of how long it’s been since I’ve written about it here. I re-read it annually, and I’m glad I wrote it. It’s certainly the book my readers mention the most often.

Susan Piver to the rescue with: Start Here Now.

The True Believer is a must read. It’s dense, it’s more than fifty years old, it’s an easy read and it’s urgently important.

Surely you’re read Kevin Kelly’s classic New Rules for the New Economy.

And don’t miss Ainissa Ramirez’ Save Our Science.

Cookbooks? Here are two. The genius of Kenji Lopez Alt and the Food Lab and Made in Indiafrom Meera Sodha.

Tiffani Bova has written a smart book about smart decisions. Growth IQ.

Years ago, Nancy Lublin wrote a classic about a new kind of non-profit. It’s called Zilch.

I know a lot of authors. And I know the work of even more authors I’ve never met. It’s a privilege available to anyone who wants to take the time to read.