Russal Gear / The Best Spiritual Books
September 05

Russal Gear / The Best Spiritual Books

During the 2008 Recession, Bridgitte Jackson Buckley was one of millions
affected by job loss and foreclosure. Many of these people internalized the
outer events as a negative reflection of their personal capacities without
taking a deeper look at the crisis as a potential underlying catalyst. In
The Gift of Crisis, Bridgitte shows you how to explore crisis as a tool for
courageous change, regaining your self-esteem with self-love and
self-compassion. It was through experiences of prolonged financial crisis
that Bridgitte realized she subconsciously co-created experiences that felt
so bad that the only place she could go was within―exactly where she needed
to go. In The Gift of Crisis, you will discover how helpful going within and
retaking control can be for you, too. For women and men who are sincerely
interested in spiritual growth, yet find it difficult to make mental room
to dedicate to such growth due to personal distractions, this inspirational
book will demonstrate the practical manner in which meditation and prayer
can assist during any type of crisis as a means of reaching for a calmer,
clearer, more courageous and purposeful life.





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