| Reader's Digest | 10 Signs You’re an Ambivert (Hint: You Probably Are) - a Dr. Helen Odessky Citation
February 24

| Reader's Digest | 10 Signs You’re an Ambivert (Hint: You Probably Are) - a Dr. Helen Odessky Citation

10 Signs You’re an Ambivert (Hint: You Probably Are)

Not totally sure where you fall on the personality spectrum? Here are some key traits that suggest you might be smack in the middle, AKA, an ambivert.

You relate to the characteristics of both an extrovert and an introvert

bothISTOCK/NATALIAMILLSWhile most of us are more familiar with the opposite ends of the personality spectrum, introvert and extrovert, we're actually more likely to identify with the in-between, also known as ambivert. "An ambivert is someone who possess traits of both, meaning they may have the charisma and assertiveness of an extrovert and share the thoughtfulness and listening skills of an introvert," explains Helen Odessky, PhD, psychologist and author of Stop Anxiety from Stopping You. Extroverts are generally energized by being around other people, love being the life of the party, avoid being alone for long periods of time, and prefer to talk things out then leave things unsaid. Introverts, on the other hand, make alone time a priority, enjoy more intimate conversations, stray from large gatherings, prefer to think things through instead of talking things out, and are energized by alone time. Do you find things in common with each? If so, you're likely an ambivert. "You're emotionally flexible," says Paulette Kouffman Sherman, PsyD, psychologist and author of The Book of Sacred Baths. "Ambiverts can get energy from being with people and from being alone and they can be self-reflective in situations and also work things through by talking with others." This gives you the advantage of having both skills as tools.


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