Pretty Progressive / 14 Best Feminist Books To Take Away For College
November 21

Pretty Progressive / 14 Best Feminist Books To Take Away For College

Want: 8 Steps to Recovering Desire, Passion, and Pleasure After Sexual Assault by Julie Peters

Between 19-27% of women in college experience sexual assault (that gets reported). Want is Julie’s story of getting through the devastation of sexual assault to living a full life. In this book, she shares how to implement the eight steps Julie took back to recovery. Survive, feel, rage, forgive, pleasure, eat, sex, and love. We have plenty of stories about the helplessness, frustration, and vengeful feelings that can come up after trauma. Culturally, we have started a conversation about these experiences, and we’re all confused about what this all means for our relationships with each other. We badly need stories of hope, healing, and recovery.

Survivors of assault, if you’ve been thinking to yourself, “I thought it was just me,” Julie is here to show you that you are not alone. Your loved ones may not know how to support you, but they can learn more about your experiences and how to walk alongside you through this book, just as you can learn how to recover from the trauma you’ve experienced. Want offers a window into one person’s experience of recovery―plus the happy ending we all need to know is possible after trauma.

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