Orions Method / Healing Toxic Mother-Daughter Relationship with Karen C.L. Anderson
January 16

Orions Method / Healing Toxic Mother-Daughter Relationship with Karen C.L. Anderson

Today, we’re going to talk about a topic that is usually unspoken. It’s almost a taboo. People don’t talk about it a lot, but we all have issues with our parents. If you don’t, you’re amazing. You just won the lottery. But most of us have some issues- some more than others with our parents. In this episode, we’re going to talk about the troubled relationship between mothers and daughters. Mostly awesome, but there are some things that are always in the way. Some triggers from childhood, some unhealthy attachment. It happens. Your parents love you no matter what, you love them no matter what, and there is still some friction sometimes.


To discuss this topic and to shed some light on this topic, I invited Karen C.L. Anderson. She helps women take a compassionate look at the troubled relationships they have with their mothers and/or daughters and guide them to reveal patterns, heal shame, and transform legacies. She’s the author of Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughters: A Guide for Separation, Liberation & Inspiration and The Difficult Mother-Daughter Relationship Journal: A Guide For Revealing & Healing Toxic Generational Patterns.


I hope this episode will help you clear your relationship with your mom or at least make it better. It doesn’t happen in a day, sometimes it takes a while, but eventually, when you take a compassionate look and you see beyond the childhood triggers, you can find a place in your heart to love them unconditionally and have a better relationship because they’re your family, they’re your blood and you need them. Everybody needs their parents. I hope this helps.



Full audio found here: https://orionsmethod.com/podcast/healing-toxic-mother-daughter-relationship-with-karen-cl-anderson/