Oprah/  3 Healthy Recipes from Gabrielle Union's Personal Chef
October 27

Oprah/ 3 Healthy Recipes from Gabrielle Union's Personal Chef

A Seafood Classic, Less the Carbs
Being Mary Jane star Gabrielle Union is a woman after our own heart: She loves bacon and pasta and has been known to stick it out through a tough workout in the name of peach cobbler doughnut bread pudding. Indulgences aside, though, Union's a healthy eater, thanks to nutritious meals from her personal chef, Richard Ingraham, who cooks healthy comfort food for Union, her husband, NBA star Dwyane Wade, and their family. The dishes Ingraham cooks for Union and Wade tend to feature seafood prominently, as well as whole grains and lots of veggies. Take, for example, Ingraham's recipe for crab cakes, featured in his cookbook, Eating Well to Win: He omits the bread crumbs, and serves the cakes with a tomato-quinoa salad and lemon-honey vinaigrette that's much lighter than traditional tartar or remoulade sauces.
A Better Way to Eat a Beloved Mediterranean Dish
Ingraham's garlicky shrimp recipe is proof that you can enjoy this classic without loads of butter or a bowl of spaghetti on the side. His version starts with shrimp, seasoned with smoked paprika, cumin, salt and pepper, which he sautés in healthful grapeseed oil. Then, he cooks diced (canned) tomatoes with garlic and adds white beans and chicken stock until the mixture turns into a thick, chunky sauce. Together with the shrimp, it's a delicious and rich meal that's a hit with Union—and her family.
The Dolce Vita Meal
After Union's trip to Florence and Rome in summer 2017, she shared a photo of a dish Ingraham made for her called "Eggplant Cannoli." It's a savory twist on the Italian pastry, wherein you make a filling with ricotta and Gouda cheeses, along with kale, sun-dried tomatoes and turkey sausage, and then spoon it onto slices of baked eggplant; roll them up; cover them with tomato sauce and more cheese; and bake. Part-cannoli, part-lasagna and totally delicious.