Open to Hope/ Triumphing Over Tragedy: No Superheroes
February 10

Open to Hope/ Triumphing Over Tragedy: No Superheroes

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears. —John Vance Cheney, American poet

Life can be filled with joy. It can also be filled with immense sadness. Our ups and downs during life’s journey depend on a number of factors. These include such things as our circumstances, our reactions to our circumstances, and yes, even luck. Often we can’t control our circumstances, or our luck, but we can control our reactions to what happens to us and, by doing so, overcome them.

There have been numerous books, articles, and movies about people who have risen above the difficulties that life has handed them. They have won gold medals running races with no legs, they have gone from the bottom of the heap to the top of the boardroom, and they have been devastated by the loss of a loved one. Many of them have gone on to inspire others or create organizations—like Mothers Against Drunk Drivers—to fight against the injustice that caused their loss. They have all triumphed over tragedy.

These are no superheroes. These are ordinary people who realized that they might be down, but they didn’t have to stay there. They too have had feel-like-crying moments, perhaps many of them. But they didn’t let those times dictate their future. They eventually took those setbacks and, at some point, realized that they could surmount them.

If those people can do it, you can too.


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