New Releases / Great Books for Challenging Situations
August 26

New Releases / Great Books for Challenging Situations

We know that life can be uncertain at the best of times; it can also be full of struggle, challenge and loneliness. That's why our August new releases are so crucial - they are tools that can truly help you transform to an easier, happier and more fulfilled version of yourself.

For example, Amy Orr's Taming Chronic Pain, brings humor, advice and guidance for those living with chronic pain.

In Awakening from Anxiety, Connie Habash offers guidance to spiritual readers dealing with anxiety on a daily basis.

Joan Price's Sex After Grief is a powerful tool for anyone mourning the loss of a loved one; it also explores the often taboo subject of sex after such an event.

In Caregiving Both Ways, Molly Wisniewski offers strategies and hope to those caring for loved ones with dementia.

We hope that you can find relief, hope and pratical wisdom in these new releases.