New Book Trailer: Twin to Twin/ Crystal Duffy
December 16

New Book Trailer: Twin to Twin/ Crystal Duffy


Check Out My Book Trailer!
As you will see in the book, our NICU experience is one that we will never forget. Our NICU healthcare team is like family to us and the NICU community as a whole continues to be part of mine and my family’s life. This past weekend we took Abby, Katie, and Lauren to the NICU with us to help pass out gift bags to the families. Katie and Lauren were able to see and visit with one of their former NICU nurses. 

I’m thrilled to be partnering with the Houston Motherhood Center and together we will be launching a new class called Life After the NICU where we will provide support and resources to families that are transitioning home after a NICU stay, or have suffered the loss of a baby or are caring for a child with a special healthcare need.  

Our work was highlighted on KHOU-11