New Author Website / Karen C. L. Anderson
September 10

New Author Website / Karen C. L. Anderson

We're pleased to share that @Karen C. L. Anderson, author of The Difficult Mother-Daughter Relationship Journal, has a gorgeous new website! Give it a visit today!
The Difficult Mother-Daughter Relationship Journal
Karen C.L. Anderson is a storyteller, feminist, and speaker who views the world through the lens of curiosity and fascination. As a mother-daughter relationship expert, she gently guides readers through revealing painful patterns in their relationships to finding ultimate healing. Her book isn’t a quick fix. Rather, she writes to help mothers and daughters heal and either reconcile or peacefully separate.
Studies suggest that nearly 30% of women have been estranged from their mothers at some point. It can be difficult to talk about the strain of mother and daughter relationships because they are so often glorified in our society as one of the most precious bonds. If anything, however, that makes them more important to talk about.

Anderson’s book is ideal for mothers and daughters alike, whether they read it separately or together.