Motherhood Moment / Women's History Titles from Mango
March 05

Motherhood Moment / Women's History Titles from Mango

Book Nook: Women's History Titles from Mango Publishing



This Women’s History Month, support brilliant women authors! Learn about the amazing, untold stories of American Women who have changed history. Garner priceless advice from the people who have been there. Learn life skills from experts in their fields. Celebrate American Women this February and beyond.

Victory for the Vote: The Fight for Women’s Suffrage and the Century That Followed by Doris Weatherford
Victory for the Vote puts the fight for suffrage into contemporary context, discussing key challenges and issues for women in the decades that followed 1920, such as reproductive rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, and political power. It will also help readers to take pride in the struggles and accomplishments of strong women, understand and appreciate the Women’s Suffrage Movement and the Nineteenth Amendment, celebrate feminism, and recognize the challenges that still remain on the road to human rights for all. View this book on Amazon!

Badass Affirmations: The Wit and Wisdom of Wild Women by Becca Anderson
Becca Anderson, bestselling author of The Book of Awesome Women, serves up a memorable and inspirational banquet of positive self-affirmations, delicious bon mots, encouraging quips, and unforgettable quotes from movie stars, musicians, politicians, and women writers. Everyone from Malala to Madonna to Michelle Obama weighs in on the meaning of life with badass wit and timeless wisdom. View this book on Amazon!

Dads for Daughters: How Fathers Can Give Their Daughters a Better, Brighter and Fairer Future by Michelle Travis
Dads for Daughters offers fathers guidance for building a world where their daughters can thrive. Invest in your daughter’s future with this inspirational book. Dads like yours are uniquely positioned to become powerful allies for girls and women. Dads for Daughters offers concrete strategies for creating a better tomorrow for the girls and women in your life, such as inspiring stories from dads of daughters who are already having an impact, resources for becoming a stronger male ally in your workplace and community, and advice for engaging other men in gender equality efforts. View this book on Amazon!

The Book of Awesome Women: Boundary Breakers, Freedom Fighters, Sheroes & Female Firsts by Becca Anderson
It’s time to acknowledge the successful women of the world. From the foremothers who blazed trails and broke barriers, to today's women warriors from sports, science, cyberspace, city hall, the lecture hall, and the silver screen, The Book of Awesome Women paints 200 portraits of powerful and inspiring role models for women and girls poised to become super women of the future. View this book on Amazon!

The Book of Awesome Women Writers: Medieval Mystics, Pioneering Poets, Fierce Feminists and First Ladies of Literature by Becca Anderson
From the first recorded writer to current bestsellers, Becca Anderson, author of The Book of Awesome Women and Badass Affirmations, takes us through time and highlights women who have left their mark on the literary world. This expansive compilation of women writers is a chance to delve deeper into the lives and works of renowned authors and learn about some lesser known greats, as well. With the help of writers, editors, librarians, booksellers, and more, Anderson has crafted a must-read book for women everywhere. View this book on Amazon!

The Female Gaze: Essential Movies Made by Women by Alicia Malone
Alicia Malone is determined to grow the conversation about both the lack of women behind the scenes and in the history books through her book The Female Gaze. In the mini-essays written by female film critics, discover brilliantly talented and accomplished women filmmakers, both world-renowned and obscure, who have shaped the film industry in ways rarely fully acknowledged. View this book on Amazon!


Still I Rise: The Persistence of Phenomenal Women by Marlene Wagman-Geller
Still I Rise embodies the strength of character of the inspiring women profiled within. Each chapter will outline the rise and fall of great women heroes who smashed all obstacles rather than letting all obstacles smash them. The book offers hope to those undergoing their own Sisyphean struggles. Intrepid women heroes are the antithesis of the traditional damsels in distress: rather than waiting for the prince, they took salvation into their own hands—and now, they inspire readers like you. View this book on Amazon!

Fabulous Female Firsts: The Trailblazers Who Led the Way by Marlene Wagman-Geller
From rebel girls who refused to let their wings be clipped to the suffragettes who claimed new space for women, each trailblazer in this collection of biographies pushed the boundaries for what was possible for women in their time, even if it meant being seen as stubborn, improper, or just a train wreck. Fabulous Female Firsts is in praise of “difficult women” who made the world a better place. View this book on Amazon!

Letters From a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Changes The World by Rachael Wolff
This motivational book will also provide readers with the tools they need to build self-worth and leave fear behind, welcoming a more loving and compassionate view of themselves and life in general. View this book on Amazon!

Wild Words from Wild Women: An Unbridled Collection of Candid Observations and Extremely Opinionated Bon Mots by Autumn Stephens
A ribald collection of bon mots on everything from bras to babies, shopping to sex, menopause to men, and politics to parties, Wild Words from Wild Women is sure to tickle your funny bone while simultaneously providing inspiration and entertainment. These wild words—from strippers, CEOs, poets, senators, and every kind of woman in between—make delectable reading for sassy, untamable, and fabulous women everywhere. View this book on Amazon!

The Woman’s Book of Courage: Meditations for Empowerment and Peace of Mind by Sue Patton Thoele
Since it was first published, The Woman's Book of Courage has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of women. In this revised collection, loving reflections provide wisdom and encouragement to help overcome anxiety, gain self-esteem, and improve relationships. Women dealing with transition or recovery or those wishing to enhance personal power will find themselves turning to these meditations over and over again. View this book on Amazon!

The Woman's Book of Prayer: 365 Blessings, Poems and Meditations by Becca Anderson
Author Becca Anderson credits her recovery from a serious illness to the power of daily prayer. But she had to change the way she prayed and set off on an exploration of the myriad methods people use and, in the process, uncovered the world’s best prayers. By carefully and consciously choosing affirming thoughts and deliberately looking for blessings at every opportunity, you will literally create a new life for yourself. View this book on Amazon!