Mommies Reviews / Christmas Gift Guide 2019 Presents Mango Publishing #3
September 15

Mommies Reviews / Christmas Gift Guide 2019 Presents Mango Publishing #3

Having trouble figuring out what to get for your loved ones this upcoming holiday season? I would like to let you know Mango Publishing is here to help you out. Which is why you will find Mango Publishing in this years Christmas Gift Guide 2019 .

Below are a few books that Mango, and I feel would be perfect stocking-stuffers and gifts during the upcoming holiday season and I even found books I would like to have. 

I would like to ask you a question. Is there an avid bookworm in the family? If so Mango has a multitude of books on everything from wine and cookery to happiness handbooks, not to mention lots of inspiring reads. 

2019 Holiday Gift Guide from Mango Publishing

It’s hard to believe, but soon the holidays will be upon us; with this joyous season comes the opportunity to give gifts to those special people in your life.

If your gift-giving list includes a bibliophile, Mango Publishing has you covered! Mango Publishing has the perfect book for any type of reader.

Mango Publishing wide selection of outstanding gift books includes: great reads for the gardener in your life, the food lover, the inspirational and spiritual reader, the fiction lover, family-friendly books and of course, the trivia enthusiast.

Mango Publishing has a large selection of books that are sure to please anyone (and everyone) on your list. I hope you take the time to check out the list and if you find books you would like to have leave me a comment and let me know why.

Books for Foodies and Gardeners

The Crafty Gardener by Becca Anderson, $16.99

ISBN-13: 978-1633538702

The Crafty Gardener is the perfect gift for the nature lover in your life! Gardening allows us to live in a much more human way, grounded in nature and connected to Mother Earth and all she provides.

It adds pleasure to your life and gives you a sense of calm. With your garden, you are quite literally growing a bounty of blessings. Lifelong gardener and bestselling author Becca Anderson has put her love of crafting and of gardening together in this book of inspired DIY ideas.

Along with gardening tips and secrets for growing flowers, herbs and veggies, Anderson shares dozens of how-to’s in this delightful guide on making candles, potpourri, bath salts, essential oils, floral waters, tinctures, liquors, pickles, jams and even fountains, birdhouses and fairy doors.

Even if your garden is just a hanging basket of cherry tomatoes or a windowsill filled with herb pots, you will still reap the benefits of gardening. View this book on Amazon!

Buns and Burgers by Gregory Berger, $24.95

ISBN-13: 978-1642501162

Buns and Burgers is the ideal gift for the burger lover in your life! Gregory Berger teaches readers to create delicious burgers and, more importantly, how to bake amazing buns—the “holy grail of baking from scratch.”

From the classic sesame to black charcoal hamburger buns, learn how to bake your way into creating an Instagram-worthy burger. Berger is a work-at-home dad who got his start in the culinary world by picking up baking as a hobby, and now he’s gone on to create bread recipes for some of Sacramento’s top restaurants.

Because of this, his cookbook intentionally emphasizes that his crowd-pleasing burgers and buns can be made by anyone. Buns and Burgers offers over thirty easy-to-follow recipes for beginning to advanced cooks, time saving shortcuts and gorgeous (and mouth-watering!) photos of his creations. View this book on Amazon!

All about the Burger by Sef Gonzalez, $16.99

ISBN-13: 978-1633539624

Do you know what the first burger chain was? That Taco Bell was originally known as Bell Burger—and was founded in the same city as McDonald’s? Have you heard of the 1980’s Burger Wars?

All about the Burger covers all of these topics and more! Discover the food history you’ve been missing in this entertaining book. Take an informational magic carpet ride through the history of burgers.

You’ll learn about restaurants, cooking styles, and different eras that have made the burger the juggernaut that it is today. From White Castle to Shake Shack, from simple sandwich to specialty burger, don’t miss out on what is sure to be one of the most entertaining looks at burger history ever written. View this book on Amazon!

Keto Meal Prep by FlavCity by Bobby Parrish and Dessi Parrish, $34.99

ISBN-13: 978-1642500554


Keto Meal Prep by FlavCity by Bobby Parrish and Dessi Parrish, $34.99 ISBN-13: 978-1642500554
Bobby and Dessi Parrish know good food. On their hit YouTube channel FlavCity, they’ve shown that you can lose weight on the keto diet without sacrificing the joys of delicious food.

In Keto Meal Prep, the Parrish duo shows you how to maximize your time and prepare seven days of healthy meals in one evening―all while maintaining your ketogenic diet.

You’ll spend less time cooking and more time enjoying. Keto Meal Prep includes more than 125 low carb recipes full of flavor. You’ll meet your weight loss goals with dishes perfectly calibrated to the ketogenic diet.

Each easy-to-follow recipe can be prepped in advance, so when you’re tired and hungry, a healthy meal is just minutes away. Mix and match the base recipes and your meal combinations are endless. View this book on Amazon!

Tea-spiration by Lu Ann Pannunzio, $14.95

ISBN-13: 978-1633532953

Tea-spiration aims to create a quiet movement where one can experience devotions, comfort, inspiration, and the simple joys of life. Tea drinkers know that tea helps you slow down and savor life’s moments.

In her debut book, Lu Ann Pannunzio uplifts and inspires readers in a way that does more than just tell them a story about tea and its history. As in life, tea is about the little things we need to experience (devotions, inspiration, reflection, comfort).

Each page of Tea-spiration is filled with feelings and moments, big or small, that tea enhances—simple joys that not everyone may notice or take the time to savor. Sometimes all you really need is a cup, water, and some leaves to create your own wonderful tea experience. View this book on Amazon!

Books for Creatives and Creators

Create by Marc Silber, $19.99

ISBN-13: 978-1633539822

Many of us think of creativity as something distant and incompatible with daily life―a skill that only artists get to use. Maybe you feel like a land-locked surfer, yearning for exhilarating rides.

Or maybe you live for the few hours a week when you can take photographs, paint, or write. It’s time for a new mindset. Create shows you how to rediscover the artist within you.

Overcoming the barriers to innovation is easier than you think. People who make a living in the creative arts know that there is a cycle to unlocking the imagination: visualize, know your tools, work your craft, refine, share.

When you tap into this cycle, you’ll find ways to operate at your highest state in all aspects of life. Marc Silber, best-selling author, award-wining creative and educator, shows you how to avoid the traps of procrastination, overthinking, and self-doubt.

The exercises in Create are specifically designed to help you find certainty and confidence in self-expression. View this book on Amazon!

Designology by Sally Augustin, $24.99

ISBN-13: 978-1633538825

Are you an adventurer or a visionary? A maverick or a maven? Designology makes design personal through author Sally Augustin’s 8 personality Place types, which characterize the different ways we relate to the space around us.

You can bust through the design paralysis which affects many by applying verified science-based insights. What color should you paint your child’s bedroom? How do shapes and patterns influence how you think in a space?

How do room dimensions influence you psychologically? Designology answers all these questions and more with practical how-to advice and real-world examples sure to help make your house a happier place to be.

This book will help you regain control of your design-related efforts with suggestions customized to your personality and needs. Designology teaches you how smells, textures, and other factors in your home influence your happiness.

It shows you how your personality and ideal design styles are really related. It illustrates how to sound-scape a place according to whether you need to concentrate or think creatively—and much more!

Take on your intimidating design tasks with confidence using this practical, personalizable how-to guide. View this book on Amazon!

Books that Inspire and Motivate

Friendship Isn’t a Big Thing, it’s a Million Little Things by Becca Anderson, $19.95

ISBN-13: 978-1642500677

This book reminds us just how valuable our bonds with our gal pals are. These are the women who answer the phone at 4 a.m. and drop everything to help a sister out, the ones who are there for both the tearful wine nights and the champagne-worthy celebrations.

Strong female friendships are inspiring because they foster the practice of women supporting and enabling other women. Author and blogger Becca Anderson has long been moved by the inspirational quotes and stories of groundbreaking women (as seen in her bestselling title, The Book of Awesome Women), and she shares some of that female empowerment with us in this book. View this book on Amazon!

Say It Now by Sherry Richert Belul, $14.99

ISBN-13: 978-1642500356

We never know how much time we have left with our loved ones. But sometimes it’s difficult to find the right way to say “I love you” to the people you appreciate the most in life.

The emotions are there, but the words don’t come. Say It Now shows you how to put your feelings into words―and actions, too. From activities that take just a minute, to love letters, joy jars, tribute videos, surprise parties, and more, this book helps you celebrate the most important people in your life.

If there’s someone you care about deeply―a parent, grandparent, child, friend, colleague, teacher, or neighbor―don’t wait to express how you feel. Say It Now. View this book on Amazon!

Hatch Leap Soar by Latoyia Dennis, $16.99

ISBN-13: 978-1633539525

Transformation is at the heart of Hatch Leap Soar, which reveals principles to help you become your best self. Latoyia Dennis likens the process to that of a baby bird inside an egg, ready to… Hatch.

Before you can begin to change and start realizing your potential, you are in your comfort zone inside your shell. When you begin the process of hatching, you’re defying the norm, pressing past your fears and breaking free.

Once you’ve hatched, you can see possibilities. But in order to get out of your shell, you have to make a… Leap. This could be a leap in a completely different direction than you’ve ever gone before.

Things won’t come to you if you’re just sitting in your shell. A bird never learns to fly by staying in the nest. A bird has to leap out to learn to… Soar. Once you learn to soar, you can fly high and free. You can reach your potential. View this book on Amazon!

Your Next Level Life by Karen Arrington, $14.99

ISBN-13: 978-1642500325

If you’re feeling stuck or trapped by other people’s expectations of what you can achieve, it’s time to stop playing small and start redefining what success can mean for you.

It’s time to get that upgrade. Karen Arrington―founder of the Miss Black USA Pageant, creator of the Next Level Women’s Summit, and mentor to thousands of confident, successful young black women―is your guide to getting your next level life.

With seven simple rules, you’ll learn how to bring your career, income, and lifestyle to that next level. Don’t settle for a life of invisibility and mediocrity. Set ambitious goals, reach for bigger opportunities, and know that you are brave enough to get what you deserve.

Your Next Level Life is a guide to opportunity that recognizes and celebrates the true magic of ambitious black women. View this book on Amazon!

Wishwork by Alexa Fischer, $14.99

ISBN-13: 978-1642500233

What is your greatest wish? Do you want a new job? Zero credit card debt? A strong, healthy body? You don’t need a miracle to make your wish a reality. You just need to do a little work.

Wishwork will motivate you to get off the couch, turn off Netflix, get moving, cultivate a positive mindset, and make your #1 wish come true—all while keeping the process fun and uplifting.

On this journey, you’ll complete simple daily action steps and record your experiences, feeling your positivity and optimism grow with each passing day. Life’s too short to wait for the universe to grant your wishes; Alexa will walk you through three simple but life changing steps to grant them yourself. Make a wish, do the work, and watch your wish come true. View this book on Amazon!
Own It All by Andrea Isabelle Lucas, $18.99

ISBN-13: 978-1633538542

You’ve just found the how-to-guide for women who are ready to ditch procrastination and paralyzing self-doubt, live in true self-confidence, claim heartfelt goals and dreams, and make great things happen!

How did a teenage single mother recovering from domestic violence and poverty create a multi-million-dollar, national barre and yoga studio chain? She made one mindset shift that created a massive snowball effect, propelling her to a dream life.

Yes, just one mindset shift can take you from “maybe one day…” wishful thinking to being a BOSS and living your truth. Think #GIRLBOSS + motherhood + a badass in yoga pants. Change Your Future. Claim Your Potential. Own It All. View this book on Amazon!

Journals and Artistic Poetry

It’s Your Weirdness that Makes You Wonderful by Kate Allan, $16.95

ISBN-13: 978-1642500868

Kate Allan’s creative journal meets us where we are—in the midst of the feelings that say we’re not enough, we can’t handle this life, we won’t make it. Young and old, we are encouraged to love ourselves exactly as we are.

In It’s Your Weirdness That Makes You Wonderful, you will find colorful and creative affirmations for your struggles, anxiety-reducing visual art, and journaling prompts to better understand and process your mental health.

Plus, you’ll have support animals in book-form that come along with you wherever you need them! It’s Your Weirdness That Make You Wonderful will show you love, self-acceptance and the magical tool of owning your weirdness—it’s your superpower! View this book on Amazon!

The Kindness Rocks Journal by Megan Murphy, $14.95

ISBN-13: 978-1642500820

It all started with a single stone on a beach in Cape Cod. Now, it spans the globe. The Kindness Rocks Project, founded by Megan Murphy, is based on the profound truth that one kind message at the right moment can change someone’s day, outlook, and whole life.

The messages on these positivity pebbles take many forms ―all signposts along the way for someone to find at exactly the right time. Sometimes, all it takes is just one simple positive message to change your perspective, and that is what this interactive writing journal aims to help you do.

In The Kindness Rocks Journalyou will have the space to respond to helpful journal prompts, affirmations, and quotes, as well as grow through hard times with kindness and joy. View this book on Amazon!

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