Make 2020 a Happy & Healthy Year!
January 25

Make 2020 a Happy & Healthy Year!

January is already almost over, and, before you know it, we'll be headed into spring! The New Year doesn't stay new for long, so let's take a moment to think about how to make 2020 a superb year for you and those you love.
Looking to take the reins and make some changes in your life? Pick up  Your Goal Guide by Deb Eckerling to help you plot a new course, whether it's starting a new business or cutting back at work.  The Checklist Book by Alexandra Franzen offers a new way to structure your day for feel-good productivity without the stress! Is family your biggest priority this year?  Dads for Daughters is a fabulous read for new or old dads who want to create a fairer world for their girls. Facing a tough relationship with your mother or daughter?  The Difficult Mother-Adult Daughter Relationship Journal can help you find new ways to communicate and connect. Physical health is so important for you and your loved ones, but it can be hard to get the treatment you need, especially when you can't quite pinpoint what's wrong. Read  How to Get the Right Diagnosis to get tips on how to  communicate with medical professionals more effectively.
Here's wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2020!


Your Goal Guide
A Roadmap for Setting, Planning, and Achieving Your Goals

By Debra Eckerling
ISBN: 978-1-64250-150-6

$19.95 - Paperback

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How to Get the Right Diagnosis
16 Tips for Navigating the Medical System
By  Randy Pherson
ISBN:  978-1-64250-176-6  $18.95 - paperback
Learn more about the author here!
The Difficult Mother-Daughter Relationship Journal
A Guide For Revealing & Healing Toxic Generational Patterns
By Karen C.L. Anderson                          ISBN: 978-1-64250-130-8                                  $12.95 - paperback

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The Checklist Book
Set Realistic Goals, Celebrate Tiny Wins, Reduce Stress and Overwhelm, and Feel Calmer Every Day
By Alexandra Franzen
                           ISBN: 978-1-64250-118-6                                  $18.95 - paperback

Check out her latest blog post here!
Dads for Daughters
How Fathers Can Give their Daughters a Better, Brighter, Fairer Future
By Michelle Travis
ISBN: 978-1-64250-132-2
$18.95 - paperback
Check out this great write-up on the book and join Michelle in Emeryville in February!