Love Goddess Invocation
November 21

Love Goddess Invocation

The Goddess of Love, Venus, rules this most popular day of the week, Friday. Small wonder this is the night for a tryst. To prepare yourself for a night of lovemaking, you should take a Goddess bath with the following potion in a special cup or bowl. I call mine the Venus Vial. Combine:

  • One cup sesame oil
  • Six drops orange blossom oil
  • Four drops gardenia oil

Stir with your fingers six times, silently repeating three times:

I am daughter of Venus, I embody love.
My body is a temple of pleasure,
And I am all that is beautiful. Tonight,
I will drink fully from the cup of love.


Pour the Venusian mixture into a steaming bath and meditate on your evening plans. As you rise from your bath, repeat the Venus spell once more.

Don’t use a towel, but allow yourself to dry naturally. Your lover will compliment the softness of your skin, and indeed, you will be at your sexiest. The rest is up to you.