Love Earth Now/  Turtles-in-the-pond Perspective.
November 12

Love Earth Now/ Turtles-in-the-pond Perspective.

“When I think on that vast scale of eco-issues—floods in Bangladesh and Arctic sea ice melting, all caused by climate change—I curl up into a fetal position and rock. Perhaps with a flask.

It’s just too big a perspective . . . I’m not even visible in that picture frame. The problems seem so hopeless, and I’m sure that there’s nothing that little old me can do about them. No amount of alternate nostril breathing can reconnect me with HOPE when I’m viewing the world from this view.

But when I bring my attention back down to the turtle-in-the-pond level, I regain a meaningful perspective. I am in this picture frame. When I bring my focus back to HERE and NOW, I can see my own hands. I can hear my own heart beat. I know my place in the world. Here, I AM. Here, I can ACT.”

~Excerpt from Comments at “Earth is Speaking: Are You Listening” conference
Living Earth Center, Mankato, Minnesota, November 3, 2018.