Love Earth Now / Melting
February 02

Love Earth Now / Melting

“A chunk of ice the size of lower Manhattan is calving off from a glacier in Greenland today. At least, it is on my Facebook feed. I grow the video to full screen, sink back, and immerse myself in the wonder of this explosive event. Skyscrapers of ice, two to three times taller than any built by man, erect as elders for eons, slump into the sea as if knees buckle abruptly beneath them. Each collapse shoots sea and spray into the polar blue sky like a geyser. It’s a heart-pouding wondrous sight.

As soon the video ends, I start it up again. And again. As long as I am steeped in wonder I am not despairing that this glacier has melted more in the last ten years than it did in the hundred years prior. Nor am I deploring the many ways that my own lifestyle contributes to the climate change that fuels the acceleration of melting ice.”

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