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December 03

Ken Rockwell's Today's News

Create, by my friend Marc Silber, is a much better than average book that incentivizes anyone and everyone to become and be more artistic and creative, and when you shoot and create for a living, more productive.

Create is a series of interviews with all sorts of famous people with whom Marc just happens to be friends, all of whom give their personal recollections of what it means to be creative and what they do to get themselves in the right spirit and start creating new things each and every day.

Marc also has loads of anecdotes about what's worked for him throughout his long and varied life. Marc's stories are more open and honest that most people would be comfortable sharing, and come across as hilarious and are part of what makes this book so special. 

I read a lot of books, and this is one of, if not possibly the best when it comes to those few rare books that help make me a better artist.

Anybody can be creative and work in any medium (mud sculpting, working with melted wax, or anything) to express their creativity; the important thing is that they do it rather than just dream. People start losing their creativity about the time they leave college, lose their dreams and move someplace they hate to work some crappy job they hate for the rest of their lives chasing their boss' dreams, but never stop to ask why they're alive in the first place.

The purpose of this book is to awaken that creative urge and show us all how to make a more creative life.

This book is a great read; check it out.




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