iTunes Preview/The Yogahealer Podcast l Ayurveda l Yoga l Healthy Foods | Yoga teachers with Cate Stillman
January 05

iTunes Preview/The Yogahealer Podcast l Ayurveda l Yoga l Healthy Foods | Yoga teachers with Cate Stillman

The Yogahealer Podcast l Ayurveda l Yoga l Healthy Foods | Yoga teachers with Cate Stillman


By Cate Stillman: Vibrant Health Educator, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Conscious Entrepreneur


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This podcast for yogis, yoga teachers and wellness professionals provides cutting edge practical living and business wisdom for vibrant health combining ayurvedic philosophy, raw foods, wild edible plants, conscious business practices and practical tools for optimizing your healthcare and business for you and your modern yoga family. Progressive and informed from ancient evolutionary wisdom, Cate Stillman conducts expert in depth interviews with experts in yoga, ayurveda, conscious entrepreneurship, eating raw, living foods and progressive family living. This podcast is packed with Cate's passionate workshops, conversations and uber practical yoga classes that makes an impact on how you feel, what you do, what you think and talk about and ultimately how you show up in the world! Join the Yogahealer community at

CleanUnlock your Ikigai to Become a Super Ager In Japan, the concept of Ikigai means our purpose in life, or our reason for living. This idea is very interesting to observe across the world, especially in the few blue zones, where people live the longest. On the isolated island of Ojima, many... 12/31/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanFrom Frustrated to Amused: Balancing Rajas, Tejas + Pitta We often find ourselves in situations where we react with frustration. Mary and Cate chat about the potential that we all possess to transform our frustration into a much better alternative: amusement. The truth is that we all have “buttons” that... 12/26/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow To Create Recipes And Routines To Thrive This Winter With Kate O’Donnell Smoothies, soups and sweet treats, Oh my!! Listen in on the Cate and Kate show today and learn how to create new and exciting meals and desserts with Kate O’Donnell, author of The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook and Everyday Ayurvedic Cooking for a Calm,.. 12/23/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanGetting Better Sleep with Ayurveda When it comes to getting better sleep, Ayurveda has a lot to teach us. With more than 20 years of experience learning and teaching Ayurveda, Mary Thompson has a wealth of information to share about how we can utilize Ayurveda to address the rampant... 12/10/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanMaking Better Products and Bigger Smiles with Craig Dubitsky Craig Dubitsky started his entrepreneurial career as an investor and was fortunate to be involved in the beginnings of both companies Method and eos. Today, he still looks back at the networking opportunities that he had and the steps that have... 12/3/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanAchieving a Deeper Body Connection through Embodiment with Mark Walsh Yoga can be a great form of spiritual practice or a method of physical activity. One less common way to practice that deserves attention, however, is through embodiment. Mark Walsh is a powerful advocate and teacher of embodiment through yoga. By... 11/26/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanBlack Friday - Cyber Monday Sale at Yogahealer For the first time, Yogahealer is making powerful ayurvedic knowledge even easier to attain with our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. For this limited time, some of our most popular classes are available for 50% off! Take the step to recharge your... 11/19/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanThe Power of Remedies Straight from the Source with Joel Einhorn Joel Einhorn began his journey into an entrepreneur of Ayurvedic medicine with a personal tragedy. In 2008, he was in a bike accident that lead to a traumatic brain injury. Desperately in need of a treatment that would help him heal, he... 11/12/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanWhat are you doing now to set up the New Year you want? New Year season and Holiday parties. Late, heavy meals. Over indulging. Overbooked schedules. We all understand the busyness of the holidays and how so often we enter into the new year from a place of depletion rather than nourishment. What if this... 11/5/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow to Heal Thyroid Disease with Fern Olivia Fern Olivia found herself at rock bottom when she fainted in a New York City subway and was rushed to the hospital. She now interprets this event as her soul wanting her to know that she was in misalignment with herself. After finding that the... 10/29/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanBuilding Resilience to Grief that Grows with Melanie Phillips Melanie Phillips built up loss over her lifetime, as everyone does. When her partner committed suicide, however, she found that all of that loss and grief she never dealt with became exposed. She came out of her struggle with loss with new knowledge... 10/22/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow to Build Colossal Change with “Atomic Habits” by James Clear James Clear’s life was forever changed when he faced a devastating injury to his brain in his junior year of high school. After months of hard work and determination, he fought his way back to success in sports, school, and his life. He credits... 10/15/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanFocusing on the Cleanse Beneath the Weight Loss In the chaotic and stimulating modern age, we often find ourselves living in our minds rather than our bodies. This can lead us to getting out of sync with the habits that allow us to thrive. Richard Hudak began his detox journey with Yogidetox in the.. 10/8/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanWhat to Expect from a YogiDetox Experience When we first begin a detox, we may start off with plenty of excitement and motivation. However, once we actually eliminate those foods and activities we are used to, we often find that our detox goals fade. Why is that? Jill and Carly discuss their... 10/4/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanEasing into Autumn Detoxing with Lynne Taillefer When we commit to a detox or a cleanse program - we often want to set strict boundaries and push ourselves to the limit. This can not only increase our risk of failure - but also decrease the chance that the effects of the detox last past its... 10/1/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanThe YogiDetox Transformation with Grace Edison The YogiDetox experience is one that involves complex emotions and challenges. While its rewards can be astounding, it is definitely not an easy journey. Grace Edison explains that before her detoxing experiences, she was not in touch with her... 9/25/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanInfertility and Millennials: Ayurvedic Advice for Virility + Fertility with Vrinda Devani Fertility is a strong reflection of the health and resilience of our bodies. In today’s population, especially in millenials, we are seeing an increase in infertility. With a modern environment that constantly provides a plethora of stimuli and... 9/19/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanChinese Medicine Formulas for Better Sleep with Dr. Eric Karchmer When we are looking to feel better or to improve chronic health issues, we may turn to a range of remedies, including drugs or lifestyle changes. However, it is easy to lose hope when these remedies or changes do not work, which is oftentimes the... 9/8/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanThe YogiDetox Experience with Miranda Smith and Gale Edison Being a nurse, Miranda was apprehensive when she first heard of detox growing in popularity. After having gone through YogiDetox herself, however, Miranda has seen first-hand the massive benefits detoxing has had on her health. Gale and Miranda chat... 9/8/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanIntegrating Indigenous Wisdom in Our Lives with Caroline Putnam and Annie Barrett In our enculturated western lives, we often neglect our relationships with nature. There is a lot we can learn about this relationship from the Andean people, who follow indigenous wisdom regarding their interactions with the Earth. Our ancestors all... 9/5/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanIntermittent fasting for Yogis Intermittent fasting is more than a way to eat. It is a lifelong journey of refining and creating space in your mind and your body. Cate used to experience challenges with her weight, food sensitivities, and her overall health. In our modern complex... 9/3/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanThe Art of Relationships with Acharaya Shunya Relationships are a vital part of our lives. Acharya Shunya struggled with her relationships with others and with herself for years. Through ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, she learned valuable pointers that have caused profound transformations in her... 8/27/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanMy Path towards A Life Of Thrive with Lea Horvatic Lea Horvatic spent years of her life helping and healing others as a nutritional therapist, naturopath, and homeopath. Through her extensive reading into Ayurveda, she became very knowledgeable in holistic and healthy lifestyle habits. Her career path.. 8/20/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanLiminal Thinking with Dave Gray Dave Gray had me at “Assume that you are not objective. If you’re part of the system you want to change, you’re part of the problem.” That teaching intensified by the basic exericse of writing down my beliefs about a challenging situation I... 8/15/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanSkin Protection for Safe Summer Sun with Sam Norman Sam Norman joins us today to share some of her wisdom on the hot summer sun, sun exposure, and skin protection. We talk about Sam’s backgrounds in both Ayurveda and nursing and what they say about safe sun exposure and how to stay healthy this... 8/7/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanYour Yoga Path with Sri Dharma Mittra On today’s Yogahealer Real Life Show, I have some powerful, inspiring and heart opening conversation with Sri Dharma Mittra, a Brazilian yogi who has dedicated most of his life in service to humanity and teaching yoga. We dive deep into pain and... 7/30/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanBody Thrive Experience with Traveling Yogi Sydney Doolittle Sydney’s adrenal glands were worn out from years of being overly active, constantly moving, and always wanting to push herself a little harder. She needed to slow down and make a big life change in order to get healthy, gain her energy back, and... 7/23/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanThe Truth about Turmeric with Dr. Shivani Gupta Dr. Shivani Gupta and I have a wonderful podcast for you today on herbs, spices, and their healing properties. We get deep into the benefits of Turmeric and its’ active ingredient, Curcumin. Did you know that Turmeric not only helps fight... 7/4/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanPermaculture and Conscious Evolution of the Human Species on Planet Earth with Maddy Harland Today Maddy Harland and I dive deep into some fascinating conversation on permaculture, the sustainability of Planet Earth and conscious evolution of the human species. Maddy is the editor and co- founder of England’s Permaculture... 7/3/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow to Handle your Kids Summer Break with Health and Ease with Kirstin Pinit On today’s podcast Jessica Graham Robinson and Kirstin Pinit rap about how to keep you and your family healthy and happy this summer. Summers can be tough; the days stay lighter later, the kids are out of school, and they don’t have a consistent... 6/25/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanWhat Habits Help You Experience Confidence in Your Body? Jessica Graham Robinson talks with us today about loving our bodies, body integrity and feeling comfortable in our own skin. It is SO important for us to feel good about the bodies that we live in, not just so that we feel good in a bathing suit, but... 6/18/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow to Hydrate Right! With Alex Biondo and Gale Edison We all know that hydration is important and absolutely essential for our survival. But did you also know that water makes our skin look lustrous and supple? Or that water lubricates our digestive tracts and makes us pooping champions? Or that it gives.. 6/11/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanTake a Moment of Mindfulness and Breathe with Jill Novak Slow down. Pause. Take a deep breath. Ask yourself, “What do I need right now?” Notice how much more present, centered, and in touch with yourself you feel. Sometimes we move so quickly through life that we forget to take the time to enjoy deep,... 6/4/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanBowspring Yoga To Promote Healing Many people come to yoga for the purpose of healing and the practice of Bowspring yoga is no exception. Bowspring yoga, founded by Desi Springer of Vital Yoga in Denver, CO, has re-created many yoga poses that are meant to realign our bodies and... 5/30/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow to Heal our Ancestral Wounds with Lynne Taillefer Genetic hereditary patterns, that we often do not recognize, can influence our lives in many ways. Many of the persistent negative emotions we feel such as heaviness, anxiety, worry, fear and depression, may be due to that ancestral patterning that we.. 5/28/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanHabit Evolution For A Better Intimacy, Sensuality and Love Energy On today’s podcast, Neve Grace Fletcher and Jessica Robinson share a juicy conversation about intimacy, sacred sexuality, and loving relationships. They discuss practices of self love and simple self care rituals in order to love yourself and your... 5/21/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanOMG! - Do I have Ama? What is it and How do I heal it? Do you wake up feeling groggy, sluggish, unclear, or ready for more sleep? Do you feel stuck, weighed down, or lethargic? Or perhaps your clothes don’t fit quite as well as they used to? If you said yes to any of these questions, there’s a good... 5/14/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanAyurveda, The Yoga Business Model, and Staying Whole, Healthy and Connected with Pleasance Siliki On today’s Dharma and Dollars show I rap with Pleasance Siliki about her life in the yoga world in D.C., owning her own business, raising a family, and staying healthy and rested through it all. We chat about starting your own business and the... 5/7/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow long does it take to Dial in Ayurveda Habits? On today’s podcast with Alex Biondo, we look at how long it takes to dial in our Ayurvedic habits and why it’s important that we create these lifelong routines for ourselves. Many of us who participate in detoxes, cleanse groups, or my Body Thrive.. 4/30/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanWhy We Need Accountability Partners Jessica Graham Robinson and Neve Grace Fletcher share their experiences having accountability partners in a group setting and why this can be so crucial and life changing. The women share their stories about meeting each other and working together one.. 4/23/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanWinning tactics for intentional creating of your dream lifestyle Ashley Logsdon, creator and author of “Mama Says Namaste” podcast, has lived on the road in an RV with her husband, their 3 children, and their dog since 2016. The traditional lifestyle was not suiting them and they decided that now was the time... 4/16/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanAyurvedic Spring Detox and the Doshas with Alex Biondo Take a moment to stop what you are doing and ask yourself how you feel right now? And then ask yourself, how do you desire to feel? Notice how those two answers differ. On today’s podcast, Alex Biondo and I discuss seasonal detoxing and detoxing for.. 4/12/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanAyurveda, Self Love, and Deep Nourishment with Talya Lutzker I have an inspiring conversation today with Ayurvedic Practitioner and founder of the Nourishment School, Talya Lutzker, about Ayurveda, nourishment, support, and self-love. We rap about shedding outdated habits and perspectives by adding in more of... 4/6/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanIntermittent Fasting, Detoxing and the Ayurvedic Clock Today Alex and Biondo and I rap about intermittent fasting, bi-annual detoxing, and why these methods are so important in keeping us healthy, clear, and vibrant.  Intermittent fasting, a tool historically rooted in ancient wisdom traditions,... 4/3/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanFrom Surviving to Thriving with Peter Crone Today Peter Crone and I have some fascinating conversation about Ayurveda, human psychology, behavior, and interaction. Peter tells us about his first experience with Ayurveda and how he immediately adopted the science into his life and work. As a... 3/29/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanAyurveda, Food, Cooking, and the Gunas with Kate O’Donnell Kate O’Donnell, author of the new, yet to be released cookbook, Everyday Ayurveda Cooking for a Calm, Clear Mind talks with me about the three gunas: sattva, rajas and tamas, in relation to who we are on this planet and our bigger life goals. We... 3/27/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanAyurveda + Sound Therapy with Daniel Bastacky On today’s show I talk with Daniel Bastacky about Ayurveda and Sound Therapy. Daniel works with sound bowls and other instruments of sound to relax, heal, and balance people on physical, mental and emotional levels. Sound bowls produce a high... 3/22/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanAyurveda, the Change of Seasons, Your Metabolism, and Your Appetite In today’s podcast Alex BIondo and I talk about our digestion, our appetite, our habits and how the change of seasons has an effect on our physiology and our bodies rhythms. When we live out of tune with the seasons, we cause ourselves disease; when.. 3/19/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow easy can you make your Earlier Lighter Dinner? On today’s podcast I talk with Alex Biondo, our director of Sales and Admissions at Yogahealer about the first habit in Body Thrive: eating an earlier, lighter dinner. We rap about why this habit is so challenging for so many people and how we can... 3/15/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow to Voice our needs and Ask for Support As you are changing and upleveling your habits, it’s a good idea to inform others. Not only does this help you stay accountable to yourself by letting others know, but it also gives your people a heads-up. On today’s show Alexandra Epple and I... 3/12/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanWellness Pro Burnout: Why it happens & what to do about it Grace and I rap about wellness pro burnout, why it happens to us and to you, and what we can do to combat it. We chat about the ‘zone of genius’, our current purpose, and whether we are living in integrity with ourselves by pursuing our passions.... 3/8/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanYour Ayurvedic Body Habit Evolution Trajectory Today I let you in on some free body habit secrets from my Body Thrive course when I discuss body habit evolution trajectory! I talk about letting go of outdated habits and inviting upleveled practices into your life. I discuss toxicity in the colon... 3/5/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanI don't have enough time to do what is most important! In talking to wellness pros, we often hear, between the lines, “I don’t have enough time to do what is most important.” In this Changemaker Challenge episode, Cate and Grace discuss the importance of strategy, organization and project management.. 3/1/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow to Build a System or Leverage another System for Rapid Evolution + Career Development In today’s Dharma and Dollars show, I connect with Dana Skoglund, about building a system for your own career or leveraging the system you already have in place. There are people whose strength lies in creating their own system and building it from... 2/28/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanAyurveda on CBD Oil, Alcohol, + Dynamic Relationships with Dr. Stephen Cabral Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Stephen Cabral, a naturopathic doctor and founder of the Cabral Wellness Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. We discuss Ayurveda, CBD oil, alcohol, bio individuality, functional medicine, and dynamic... 2/25/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanStories from the Pro Healer Path I chat with my homegirls, Grace Edison, Bridgit Danner, and Rachel Peters, about our life journeys on our pro healer wellness paths.  In discussing our unique stories and how each of our paths has led us to our current wellness careers, we... 2/22/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanVata, Ayurveda + Trade Pain for Rhythm with Mary Sullivan On today’s podcast I promote a woman from inside our Yogahealer community. Mary Sullivan, who has walked the self healing path in full with Yogahealer and is an amazing mentor in my Living Ayurveda course,  joins me to discuss Vata and Vata... 2/18/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanYour Pain, The Puzzle + the Role of the Practitioner with Australia's Pilates Pro Raphael Bender On today’s show I have my pilates buddy from down under, Raphael Bender. We’ve decided we have these evil twin powers, he’s the pilates dude and I’m the yogahealer. His company is Breathe Education, the largest pilates company in Australia. He.. 2/15/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanTop 10 Winter Immune Tips from Ayurveda I don’t know about you, but so many people around me are sick, and I find myself giving unsolicited advice all the time. I know you all who are fans of Yogahealer and are podcast listeners might want some more insight into the particular ways to... 2/11/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanParkinson's, Ayurveda, + Dharma with Disease in Young Adult with Tatiana Wolfe On today’s show, I talk with Tatiana Wolfe, who has been in my Awake Living course both times the course has run. She has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s at 30. In this episode, you will learn more about Parkinson’s from an Ayurvedic perspective.. 2/7/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanThe Journey to Health and How It Influences our Kids with Grace Edison and Carly Banks Carlie and Grace talk about and reflect on what has been coming up for them in terms of their progress and journey with their own health integrity and how it affects their families. They provide examples of how they apply the what they have learned... 2/5/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow to Grow a Million Dollar Coaching Business I’m here today with a mentor from my Awake Living course, Dana Skoglund (check her out at Dana is reading High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard, and in it, Burchard talks about how to figure out the 5 steps that will... 1/31/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanAyurveda Pro Healer Journey With Alexandra Epple I’m here with Alexandra Epple who is a pro-healer mentor in our Living Ayurveda course, and also teaches Ayurveda in the California College of Ayurveda. Today we wanted to talk about the process of learning Ayurveda. We’ve known each other since... 1/29/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow Much Sleep do I Need (for Healing?) I’m often surprised at how much lack of awareness there is on how much sleep the body needs. If you’ve been in sleep deprivation mode for awhile, and your body breaks down - your immune system breaks down, or your mental or emotional body breaks... 1/28/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanIdentity evolution + the #1 Ayurveda Daily Habit, Earlier Lighter Dinner I am currently running a series to help the tribe, you all, my fellow collaborators, on how to help engage with the habits of Ayurveda that help us align our life, that sink us into a deeper rhythm, that allow us to experience the ease of a... 1/22/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanUsing Self-Assessment + Your Peeps to Set More Realistic Career Goals I talk today with Grace Edison, an enrollment coach here at Yogahealer and Yoga Health Coaching. We talk about setting the right goals for your next phase of growth (easier said than done, I know). People set goals, but they are often not the right... 1/17/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanEarlier, Lighter Dinner - How to Evolve This Habit to Feel Great! I’m here with Yogahealthcoach and Awake Living mentor Dana Skoglund and we are going to talk a little bit about what happens post holiday and how people have the opportunity to feel amazing but it’s usually not how they think, so what I want to... 1/15/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanDharma Workshop with Cate Stillman Welcome to the dharma workshop, To Align Your Body and Your Life. I believe this is the 5th annual workshop. One of my values is to raise my own bar, align my own actions, and own my results. So whenever I do something again, which I do frequently,... 1/11/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanAna Forrest + Jose Calarco: Ritual, Rhythm + Reconnection to Live your Deeper Dream In today’s show I am thrilled to offer you Ana Forrest and her partner Jose Calarco. Many of you know Ana from her life’s work in yoga and her book, Fierce Medicine. For those of you who don’t know her life partner, Jose, he is a pioneer in... 1/7/2018 Free View in iTunes
CleanAyurveda on Fertility, Conception, Postpartum + Miscarriages + the Story of You Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I chose to release this episode during the week we celebrate Christ’s birthday because there is a lot that goes into birthing a new human being. If you listen from a place of understanding your own conception... 12/28/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanAyurveda's Slow Beauty with Shel Pink I hope over the holidays you have time to tap into you, and your self care. Today, to inspire that, I talk with Shel Pink, who built the brand, Spa Ritual, a self-care product brand based in Ayurveda. She’s recently launched a book, Slow... 12/24/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanAlign Your Solstice for Your Annual Strategic Planning What’s happening for people who are more awake and aligned heading toward the solstice? This time of the cycle for those in the northern hemisphere is about the deepest of reflections and planting of seeds, it’s not about doing, it’s about... 12/21/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanOutside the Box Parenting: Intense Children, ADHD, Dyslexsia + Innovating The Template I had a great conversation with Elaine Taylor-Klaus, who has done an amazing job creating an online resource for parents raising kids with LD, anxiety, ADHD, and related challenges, Parents and coaches who work with complex kids often... 12/17/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow to Put your Vata, Pitta, and Kapha to Work for your Dharma I talk about what the energies of vata, pitta, and kapha are in the human system and how to put them to work for you. You can tap into your next level of rhythm, flow, and efficiency when you tap into your doshas. So if you’re wanting your doshas to.. 12/14/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanPersistance + Timing with Cate Stillman As we wind down the year we are often in a place of reflecting on what went down in the past year. Today’s show is on persistence and timing. I talk a bit about what went down for me in 2017 and the power of persistence. Many of you might have read... 12/10/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanWhat it Feels like to Break Your Income Barrier Today we’re going to talk about what happens when you break through an income barrier. I feel like there are usually a lot of setbacks that happen along the way; usually it is up and down and often feels horrible. Gay Hendricks, in The Big Leap,... 12/6/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanSoup with Cate Stillman I am going to talk with you guys today about soup. Yup. Soup. Because here in the northern hemisphere, many of you are heading into the holiday season, and people tend to overeat. People tend to eat too heavy and too late. In order to live in rhythm... 12/3/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanHow to be Awesome with Your Time with Pete Mockaitis   On today's show I interview Peter Mockaitis who I met at Podcast Movement (who I really liked) because of he’s super fun personality, is super relaxed and he knows a LOT. You can usually catch him working with CEO’s on strategy and helping... 11/30/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanBecoming A Yoga Writer With Ntathu Allen On today’s show I talk to author and meditation teacher Ntathu Allen. Ntathu originally trained as a probation officer working in a demanding inner-city borough in South-East London, supervising adult and young offenders in custody and in the... 11/27/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanMindfulness + Intermittent Fasting: A Womens’ Perspective with Jenn Diamond Seven years ago, intermittent fasting for fat loss was a controversial it seems everyone is doing it. The problem is no one wants to lift weights - which is the KEY to success as far as my experience has shown. I brought Jenn Diamond, a... 11/27/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanUnboxing the 4 Yogic Aims of Life with Acharya Shunya A key concept in Yogic scripture and Ayurvedic practice is the four proper goals or aims of a human life. The four puruṣārthas in order are (1) Artha: roof over your head, money in the bank (2) Kama: feeling good, having fun (3) Dharma:  awake... 11/23/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanBreaking Through Your Gratitude Glass Ceiling I’ve been using Gay Hendrick’s book, The Big Leap in teaching the Awake Living Course. Awake Living is all about upleveling your experience of the five elements from Ayurveda to become who you want to become. We use many tools from many... 11/20/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanDiscovering Your Inner Goddess Potential via Habit Optimization with Cate Stillman Welcome to this Inner Goddess Workshop! I was a little apprehensive to call it that because there are certain words, like “healer” and “goddess,” that are becoming more common and normal. And that’s great! Most of you who know me well... 11/13/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanPerseverance + Investment on the Road to Holistic Career Success + Lifestyle Design The road to success is always bumpy and has detours. If you take on the mindset that your career is your spiritual path — and that your spiritual path gives you protective armor and tools for learning and growing through whatever you encounter —... 11/8/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanQ&A with Cate: Sussing Out Shakti, Augmenting Agni, + Firing Up Fasting I’m all fired up for a shakti, agni, and Ayurveda question and answer session! For those of you who went to and recorded your questions on SpeakPipe, I get to a lot of those questions on today’s show.   We really dive into... 11/6/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanThe Abundance of Generosity: Tips for Overweight Kaphas Hello, it’s Cate Stillman with and, and I’ve been asked to finish the series on overweight-ness in Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. So you may have heard the episode on overweight Vatas, or the episode on overweight... 11/2/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanDanielle LaPorte's White Hot Truth When I started this show years ago — we’ve just passed episode 300, which is kind of mindblowing — I was talking with Ayurvedic specialists and other people in my field. People asked me to put those shows on the internet, so I turned them into... 10/29/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanDevelop Yourself + Your Leadership: Edie Berg and The Strong Women's Club One of my favorite topics is self-reinvention — the idea that we can create who we want to be next, and not only that we can but that we should. It’s a sign of an awake, connected, learning human being. So, I invited my friend Edie Berg to talk... 10/25/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanYour Intuitive Yoga + Meditation Practice with Miriam Hamui Hello Yogahealer Podcast listeners! Today is one of those days where I shut myself in my gorgeous closet in Alta, Wyoming and I hit record and see what happens. In this episode, I talk to Miriam Hamui of Mexico City. Miriam and I met a few months ago,.. 10/22/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanCloset Interview - Cate’s Life Story as a Wellness Pro (part 2) Welcome back! This is Part 2 of my life story about becoming a wellness pro. It’s really sort of my own experience blended with some career counseling for those who are wanting to go down the pro healer path — yoga teachers, holistic... 10/19/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanIdiot's Guide to Ayurveda with Millennial Sahara Rose I’ve talked to a bunch of millennials lately for the podcast about their wellness careers, and it’s great to see so many young women who are going into these professions. It makes me so happy! Having so many brilliant young women going into... 10/15/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanCloset Interview - Cate’s Life Story as a Wellness Pro (part 1) I received a couple interesting emails a few weeks ago, and two totally sweet women contacted me with their questions. Both ladies asked if I had time to talk about my profession over a cup of tea. They were wanting some career advice, and they... 10/12/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanRewild Your Primal Palate with the Wisdom of Weeds with Katrina Blair Katrina Blair is a blessing to humanity. More than any guru, healer or spiritual teacher I’ve met, Katrina is an awakened embodiment of the bodhisattva vow. The plants -- in particular the wild weeds -- are her teachers. In a world where we dump... 10/8/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanThe Yoga of Modern Marriage with Maggie Reyes Cate and marriage coach Maggie Reyes talk about modern marriage. Maggie is a marriage coach and writer who helps people create more connection in a marriage based on the principles of nonviolence and self reflection. Maggie discusses the idea of teams.. 10/5/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanAwake Modern Families with Child Mindfulness Expert Ian Hoge In this episode I chat with Ian Hoge, a successful therapist, mindfulness teacher and author, about navigating our own personal journeys of transformation. We discuss the benefits of radical acceptance, and the importance of opening to difficult... 10/2/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanEvolving Ethics in Yoga Communities with Noah Maze Noah Maze and I talk about the evolving ethics of yoga communities and how being a leader is both a vulnerable place and an opportunity to grow. Listen to how both of these community leaders have navigated their group evolution.   I rap with Noah... 9/27/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanAyurvedic Healing Drinks + Charismatic Plants with Amadea Morningstar Amadea Morningstar is a seminal figure in the world of Ayurveda. Anyone looking to studying ayurveda would benefit from getting to know her work, which include two cookbooks and an upcoming book on healing drinks. Cate and Amadea discuss how beverages.. 9/24/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanYogahealer Internships with Hadlee Garrison On today’s show, we talk all about internships. How do you develop an internship program? How do you become an intern in someone else’s program? How can you encourage someone who you think would be great at it to start an internship program?... 9/20/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanAyurveda for Health and Disease I just put it out through email: what do you want to learn next? I love doing webinars, and I love talking about Ayurveda. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Cate Stillman. I started in 2001 as a Clinical Ayurvedic... 9/18/2017 Free View in iTunes
CleanAsk Cate: Existential Opportunities with Carrie Seitz On today’s show, I talk with a long-term course member and friend, Carrie Seitz. She messaged me and said she was going to be in the Tetons and asked if I wanted to go for a mountain bike ride. Of course I said yes, because she’s so much fun to... 9/14/2017 Free View in iTunes