Herbal Charms for a Charmed Life
July 15

Herbal Charms for a Charmed Life

Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of Moon Spell Magic for Love, shares the perfect ingredients for all needs!


For an optimal outcome to any important meeting-whether business or social,  take an amulet with you. It can be a tiny bag hidden in a pocket or contained in a locket. Fill your amulet with any of the following herbs:

For courage, try borage or mullein

To avoid betrayal snapdragon will serve you well

For robust health rue will do the trick

To overcome nervousness,  a mixed of dried yarrow and nettle is potent

To identify another witch, ivy, rue, broom straw, agrimony, and fern work best.

For travel,  always bring comfrey for safety.

For youthful energy,  the oaks’ acorn will vitalize you.

For strength and physical stamina, tuck some mugwort in your shoes!

For victory,  woodruff assures a winner.

To guarantee a meeting filled with goodwill,  heliotrope will make for good conversation.


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