Hedgewitch Herbal Healer
July 11

Hedgewitch Herbal Healer

Author of Moon Spell Magic Cerridwen Greenleaf shares her hedgewitch wisdom in her blog post!


In the days of old, the village doctors were elder women, quite a few utilized the knowledge of hedge witches who knew all the plants of field and forest. For an immune system boost, crush a mixture of equal parts (½ cup each) rosemary, lemon peel, lavender, and the petals of red roses. Place the crushed herbs in a sealable colored glass jar filled with almond or sesame oil, ideally 12 ounces.  After seven days on a windowsill, exposed to both the sun and the dark moon, strain and place the infused oil into the jar.  Speak this chant aloud:

In this dark moonlight, I will see

That I release anything that ails me.

With the wisdom of the crones of old,

All the blessings of this world unfold.


You now have a hearty supply of homemade healing oil to use in the bath, or to rub on your pulse points: temples, wrists, backs of knees, and behind the ears. As soon as you feel slightly rundown, one application should make a difference. Be sure and whisper thanks to the hedge witches who passed down this sacred healing. 


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