Heart Healing / Susyn Reeve
May 11

Heart Healing / Susyn Reeve


"I'll be home in 5 days and I think it's best that you're no longer living in my house."

This email, from my beau who was out-of-town, arrived 5 days after I completed the 1st draft of my book, Heart Healing: The Power of Forgiveness to Heal a Broken Heart! My heart was broken.  I clearly had some heart healing to do.

I was committed to keeping my heart open – wide open.

A week later I moved out, manuscript in hand, and began a year-long personal heart healing journey.  With tears often accompanying my words, I began leading an Opening the Door to Heart Healing workshop in the living rooms of friends.  I shared my story and listened to theirs.

It became clearer than ever, to me, the difference between
a closed heart, a broken heart, and an open heart.


Armed with the courageous stories of my workshop participants; and my year of heart healing I re-wrote the book, incorporating all the lessons I’d learned.  (Heart Healing:  The Power of Forgiveness to Heal a Broken Heart was published in October 2018.)


If you're heart is broken right now, and if wounds of the past are weighing
heavily on you, then it's a good time to say, "Yes," to heart healing.


You can learn more about Heart Healing by watching my recent interview.

With Love in the midst of Corona,