Healing Intentions /  One Day at a Time Let’s Love Earth Now-Review
June 18

Healing Intentions / One Day at a Time Let’s Love Earth Now-Review

Posted by Krystle Mitchell on Jun 14, 2019

Climate change and global warming have been in the news more often than ever before. Each day Americans are beginning to feel alarmed about all of the changes happening in our environment, across the country and around the globe. 

When people try to get on board about making a difference for the environment it can be overwhelming researching where to start. It’s wonderful to take the first step in making a difference, but it is life-changing when you begin to implement the action of saving/healing the planet. 

 The book Love Earth Now, by Cheryl Leutien, is just the book to lead you to make an impact for the world, one day at a time. It is 253-pages filled with  tips, advice, short relatable quirky stories, and meditations or as Cheryl likes to call them invitations, to help you continue to make a difference on loving the Earth.

 Researchers, scientists, and environmentalists are continuously relaying the message  that climate change and global warming will be the cause of human extinction. While activists are continuously trying to find ways to help get more people on board by living a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle without losing their sanity. 

“Then Philpott hits me where it really hurts: water consumption...” - Page 171, Chapter 14 

In Love Earth Now, Cheryl, shares a personal story of how she tackles her mind and actions to be as eco-friendly as possible, while still trying to love her life in peace. She refers to herself as a crazy old lady, who researches “Googlia (Google) about environmental events that are happening in the world which she might be causing because of her lack of knowledge of loving things that may not be good for the earth when produced. 

There comes a time when you look at all of the horrible things being produced for our consumption and it can leave you running for the caves. During these hard times, Love Earth Now is a reference to help steer you back to a promising  direction because Cheryl takes you down the rabbit hole and leads you to a new door at the end of each chapter, which informs you of what is wrong with our environment, how there are solutions being implemented, and steps she uses that you can practice to continue to reverse the damage that has already been done.

 “ I vow to give up knee-jerk judgements based on too little information. I will be, above all, a consumer of truth. And when I don’t know the truth, I will give up eco-angsting about things I don’t know nothing about.” - PG 98, Chapter 7 

My Thoughts: 

Cheryl’s writing style is scandalous, witty, and informative. As a fellow, earth-lover, I was able to relate to her on so many different levels. This book is a breath of fresh air because if you are an earth-lover trying to do the best you can, the one thing you need on an overheating earth, where people are eating plastic, and technology is thriving to make everything okay while hurting the environment to be produced- is a breath of fresh air- even though it’s from a paperback book that had to be created from trees that were cut down from who knows where.

 I really enjoyed reading Love Earth Now, and I will be going back for the love invitations because I had to stop at one invitation that managed to quiet my mind.

 We need authors like Cheryl who is truthful in her experiences and uses them to help others who are on the same path of saving the environment.

 This book was published in 2018, while there has been many natural disasters since it’s been published great things are happening to help move our planet into a hopeful, sustainable, future.

 Countries are banning plastic straws, bags, and single-use items everyday, people are replanting trees, cars are electric, and there is a tube cleaning the ocean from debris. While these are all small changes it is a huge step to our future. 

It takes one person to make a difference and others will slowly begin to follow including those with innovative ideas. Since the nature has become a scary place, and it has gotten to a point where we as humans are almost a little too late to make a change. 

I recommend this book to someone who is either an earth-lover already, wants to become an earth lover but doesn’t know where to start, or as a gift to the people who could careless because global warming isn’t real since it isn’t affecting their existence. 

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