Greta Solomon / Heart, Sass & Soul: THE WORKSHOP
April 05

Greta Solomon / Heart, Sass & Soul: THE WORKSHOP

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Join us for a day of experimentation, exploration and discovery, designed to support and enhance your natural creative abilities. You will be held in a safe, non-judgemental space where you can break through blocks and experience the joy of writing freely and easily. Through a series of exercises using journaling, mindfulness, meditation and storytelling, you’ll learn how to become the author of your life. 

This is a workshop for anyone who wants to use writing as a tool for either personal or professional development. Be inspired to learn something new in this transformative one-day programme. 

Only 20 spaces are available. 


Here is the outline of the day: 



10am – 10.30am: Arrival and settling in 

10.30am – 11.10am: Introductions, a brief introduction to mindset matters, goal setting and intentions for the day ahead. We’ll create a post-it notes wall of intention in order to bring these to life. 

11.10am – 11.30am: Guided meditation by Zita to open the heart centre, move beyond your comfort zone and promote healthy self-expression. 

11.30 – 11.45am: BREAK 



11.45am – 12.15pm:

Learn what the communication pyramid is, and how to navigate it.

Discover your writing personality and how to use it to your advantage.

Practise using a tool to figure out your vision and values to get to the heart of ‘why’ you want to write. 


12.15pm – 12.30pm: Journaling exercise on shame: When, where and why have people shamed you into thinking your creativity is bad. 

12.30pm –12.45pm: Experiential exercise led by Zita to liberate shame and fear and develop communication skills. 

12.45pm – 1.45pm: LUNCH 



1.45pm – 2.45pm:

Using your senses and the practice of object writing to write freely and easily 

How to create a joy list and a loss list 

Exploring metaphor – the language of the soul 

Creating metaphor tables

Journaling exercise: What is your life trying to tell you? 

2.45pm – 3pm: BREAK 



3pm – 3.15pm: Words of life therapy wisdom from Zita 

3.15pm – 3.45pm:

Structuring your day through self-care 

Discussion on the writing and journaling lifestyle 

Some perils along the self-expression path 

Practical exercise in plotting an ideal day 

3.45pm – 4pm: Guided exercise with Greta and Zita in choosing a poetry prescription 



4pm – 4.30pm: we’ll revisit the post-it notes wall and use the talking stick method to share insights, experiences and goals for the future. There’ll be closing messages and key thoughts to remember as you continue to walk the self-expression path. 


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