Gaydar/ Introducing The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads
November 17

Gaydar/ Introducing The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads


Samuel Alexander

06 November 2017

Parenting books are commonplace in bookstores wherever you go. But when was the last time you saw a parenting book for gay parents? Introducing The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads by award winning, best-selling author Eric Rosswood.

The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads covers all the essential things that other parenting books do, but removes the pieces that focus on mothers and replaces them with information relevant to gay dads.

Because let’s be honest, whilst parenting is difficult (respect to parents!), just becoming a gay dad takes a lot of work! Especially considering negative attitudes towards gay couples adopting that are still prevalent today.

The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads covers a variety of topics to help gay dads. These include things like parental leave for men when it comes to adoption and surrogacy, birth certificate issues that may arise and even advice for travelling as a family with same sex parents (again, sadly, negative attitudes towards gay couples/parents can make travelling difficult).

Other topics covered in the Guide include finding LGBT-friendly services for you and your family, such as paediatricians and schools. The Guide even covers issues like how to talk to your children about things like Mother’s Day, and conversations that gay dads have with their kids that straight parents don’t typically have with theirs.

Those are just some of the topics covered in The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads. The Guide covers everything you could possibly worry about when considering becoming a gay dad.

“While ‘straight parenting’ and ‘gay parenting’ are the same,” explained Rosswood, “being a gay dad is different and has its own set of unique challenges.”

“We do all the same things that straight parents do, like change baby diapers, feed our kids, help them with their homework, read them stories, take care of them when they’re sick, etc., but there are many situations that are unique to LGBT parents. I couldn’t find any other books that helped gay dads through those scenarios, and that’s why I decided to write The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads.”

The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads has already been receiving positive responses. Shawn Moore, Board Member for the Modern Family Alliance said, “Eric is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gay parenting,” and Stan J. Sloan, CEO for The Family Equality Council, said “This is the parenting book gay dads have been waiting for!”

Available now, you can find The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and in any good bookstores. For more information about The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads, or any of Rosswood’s other books, visit Eric’s website.

You can also find Eric Rosswood on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Why not go ask him about The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads yourself?