Fox 11 News/Page turners: A last-minute gift guide for book lovers
December 22

Fox 11 News/Page turners: A last-minute gift guide for book lovers


Page turners: A last-minute gift guide for book lovers

by Ryan Painter

Sunday, December 16th 2018

Page turners: A last-minute gift guide for book lovers (Photo: IDW Publishing, Mango Publishing, Scholastic)

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(KUTV) While there have been numerous books in the various gift guides that I've done this year, I find myself with a collection of noteworthy titles that didn't fit into the Wizarding World, DC Comics, Star Wars or Folio Society sections. Here's a look at the literary orphans and late discoveries for stumped shoppers and those looking to treat themselves to something to read by the fire as we dive into the new year.


Page turners: A last-minute gift guide for book lovers (Photo: Scholastic, IDW Publishing)


Try a Little Kindness: Henry Cole's wonderfully illustrated book presents animals performing acts of kindness (and the occasional character considering behavior that isn't nearly as nice). Cole's images often play off of stories or present animals that word traditionally be considered antagonists. A wolf helping a group of pigs build a house? Sure, why not? 

My Wish for You: Actress Kathryn Hahn has made a career out of making adults laugh in films like "Bad Moms" and guesting on television series like "Parks and Recreation." "My Wish for You" shows a different side of Hahn as it explore the lessons that she has learned from being a mother and the dreams she has for her six-year-old daughter.

We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands: Based on the classic American spiritual song, Rafael López offers a twist on the original lyric putting the emphasis on our shoulders to help and be kind to each other.

My Little Pony: Art is Magic - Volume 2: A collection of art from IDW's popular My Little Pony comic series with commentary from the artists who have worked on them.


Page turners: A last-minute gift guide for book lovers (Photo: Scholastic, Mango Publishing)


Tales from the Inner City: Writer/illustrator Shaun Tan crafts 25 stories about animals discovered in urban spaces. There's a certain surreal, dream-like quality in the art, but it is Tan's ability to root his stories in real world emotion that will leave you feeling enchanted.

Geek Sweets: Baking Wizardry: Many have fallen in love with television series like "Nailed It" and "The Great British Bake Off." This collection feature 40 different designs sure to delight fans of science fiction and fantasy films and literature.

Pin Game Strong: There was a time when the idea of being able to create and produce an enamel pin design was reserved for those with deep pockets. Today, if you can dream it, there's a good chance that someone can make it. "Pin Game Strong" explores the world of enamel pins through the artists who are creating them today. Want a Harry Potter meets Frankenstein's monster pin? They can do that.

Impostors: Scott Westerfeld returns to the world of the Uglies with this new novel that finds two sisters, one raised in the public eye, the other kept a secret to act as a decoy should the necessary situation arise. And it has.


Page turners: A last-minute gift guide for book lovers (Photo: IDW Publishing, Mango Publishing)


Eight Million Ways to Die: Lawrence Block's "Eight Million Ways to Die" gets a fantastic graphic novel adaptation. The neo-noir is set in New York in the '80s when the seedier aspects of the underworld bubbled up to the surface. Matthew Scudder is a former cop trying to scrape his way through life doing "favors"for friends of friends.

Back to the Future: The Heavy Collection - Part 1: Given access to a time-traveling DeLorean, Dr. Emmett Brown and Marty McFly weren't likely to leave the past or the future alone. Once you mess with time, time tends to find a way to return the favor. This trade collects the first twelve issues of the series from Bob Gale, the co-writer of the cinematic trilogy.

The Female Gaze: Essential Movies Made by Women: Film expert Alicia Malone offers a guided tour through the history of women-directed films. A celebration as well as a call to arms.

Films from the Future: The Technology and Morality of Sci-Fi Movies: Andrew Maynard examines the social commentary, predictions, warnings and the idyllic and horrific futures found within popular science fiction films.

Anime Impact: The Movies and Shows that Changed the World of Japanese Animation: Chris Stuckmann's guide through the landmark films of animated Japanese cinema serves as a fantastic entry point for newcomers as well as a reference guide for those looking to dig deeper into the cultural phenomenon.

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