Femme Frugality/ Intersectional Women’s Finances
September 20

Femme Frugality/ Intersectional Women’s Finances

Just as every woman’s life experience is different, so too is her experience with money. In an attempt to share as many perspectives as possible, Femme Frugality hosts a series of stories on intersectional women’s finances.

Each piece is told in the first-person and focuses an individual’s experiences with hard financial issues and prejudices they are subject to on top of the disadvantages we all experience simply because of our sex.

This series is ongoing, so if you’d like to contribute, please shoot us an email.

If you’re here to read, we’re happy to have you and encourage you to browse! Be sure to check back often as new individuals’ stories will be added to this page as they are received. If you feel so moved, the best way to interact with an author’s story is to leave a comment on their individual post.


Revanche’s Experience as an Asian-American Woman

Chonce’s Experience as a Black Woman

Heteronormative Bias

ZJ’s Experience as a Gay Woman

Taylor’s Experience as a Gay Woman


Alexa’s Experience


Kristine’s Experience as an Autistic Woman