Dear Reader Twin To Twin/ Crystal Duffy
December 15

Dear Reader Twin To Twin/ Crystal Duffy





Dear Reader, 

My fourth baby is finally here! I truly can’t believe the big day for Twin to Twin is finally here! 

I started my journey four years ago, and never did I think it would go this far. I wrote Twin to Twin to read like fiction — it takes the reader on my journey through each of the big different stages of my path—deadly TTTS diagnosis, bed rest in the hospital, my NICU journey, and bits of my past weaved in there. Twin to Twin means so much to me not only because it chronicles one of the most challenging and wildest years of my life but because it is my hope that it will bring strength to other men and women dealing with their own personal trials and tragedies. 

We all experience life adversities. There is no one that is exempt from pain and suffering, but the bigger question is: how will you get through it?  

Don’t let your pain define you, let it transform you. Allow yourself to push past the pain and come through the other side. 

For me, that has meant raising awareness about the dangers of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome, high-risk pregnancies, maternal morbidity, and the NICU.