Cauldron Money Magic: Money Spells
August 09

Cauldron Money Magic: Money Spells

Looking to bring in money? Look no further than this new article by Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of Moon Spell Magic for Love!


To attract more money into your life, fill a pot with fresh water and place it on your altar during the new or waxing moon phase. Light a green candle and pour into it an offering of a cup of chamomile and mint tea. Pray aloud:

 I call upon you, gods and goddesses of old, 

Please fill my pot with gold. .

With harm to none and blessings to thee,

 I honor you for bringing me health and prosperity.

 Leave the cauldron on your altar for the entire moon phase of two days. Afterward, pour the water into your garden and imbue your home with the cauldron money magic.

 Minting Money: A Medieval Charm

Take a few sprigs of mint and put them in a crockery teapot.  Boil water for tea and pour over the herb in the bowl. Chant this medieval-inspired charm:

By my hand with this healthful balm,

Blessed mint, most bounteous herb

Bring me health and heart and calm

Abundance I shall see by every deed and verb.

And so it is.

Breathe in the scented steam from teapot and fill your lungs with the smell of prosperity. Repeat the spell once more; leave the pot on your altar for 24 hours.  Not only will your thinking be greatly clarified but you will begin to see signs of your wealth increasing with one week. Grow mint in your garden or in your herb pots, you have a ready source bursting with positive money energy.


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