Book Launch:  You Can Do All Things
December 09

Book Launch: You Can Do All Things

You Can Do All Things is out in stores TODAY!

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I am biased as all heck, but I bet it would make an excellent gift to yourself or anyone in your life dealing with anxiety and depression:

“This is a guide I wrote for younger Kate, the person who hated herself and had no idea how to cope with what troubled her. I’ve included every strategy, affirmation, and coping skill that has gotten me through hard times, from slight worries about how well I’m doing, to incessant suicidal ideation.”

I feel like I’ve made something solid, something actively helpful. If I could travel in time and hand this to teenage me, I like to think I would have avoided a lot of the self hate and panic that sabotaged me for years.

I hope any of you who read it are as helped as I was creating it. ♥

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-Kate Allan