Blog of Awesome Women / Ani DiFranco: Righteous Babe
March 31

Blog of Awesome Women / Ani DiFranco: Righteous Babe

Ani DiFranco has achieved incredible success entirely on her terms without the benefit of a record label by touring, working hard at her distinctive music. A folk punk phenom, DiFranco writes about her own life, offering strength, honesty, and courage to other women—who have responded in droves. Adored by thousands of devoted fans, DiFranco is slightly uncomfortable with being idolized as a role model of female empowerment, writing about it in her “I’m No Hero.” Living on her own by the age of fifteen, the guitarist-songwriter who, in her own words has “indie cred” as a “stompy-booted, butch, folk-singer chick,” remembers the irritation of walking into music stores and having the clerk assume she was there to pick something up for her boyfriend. She’s gladdened to see these same music stores now packed with teenage girls inspired by the success and long-overdue acceptance of women in rock.

“I don’t feel like the superhero that sometimes I’m made out to be, but I guess I do feel responsible to other young women, and I do feel fortunate.”


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