Bless This Space Spell: Herbal Protection
July 25

Bless This Space Spell: Herbal Protection

Cerridwen Greenleaf, author of Moon Spell Magic for Love, shares her spell for herbal protection!


Anytime you are about to embark on magical workings, brew up this mix of herbal protection, You can also use this concoction whenever you feel the need to infuse your home and hearth with grace and the energies of energies of protection. This will safeguard you, your spellwork and your loved ones from outside influences that could be negative or disruptive. Set your intention and gather together the following herbs:

¼ cup rosemary           1 teaspoon dill weed

4 bay laurel leaves       â…› cup juniper berries

4 basic leaves              6 dried sage leaves

Put everything in a bowl and mix your herbs together by hand. While you are doing this, close your eyes and visualize your home as a sacred space protected by a boundary of glowing white light. Add the herbs to a pan filled with simmering water. When the aromatic steam rises, intone:

By my own hand, I  made this herbal balm;

This divine essence contains my calm.

By my own will, I make this charm;

This precious potpourri protects all from harm.

With harm to none and health to all,

Blessed be!